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2019 – January
CPES2019 now open for registration, speaker and exhibitor submissions



2018 – December
Happy Holidays (and don’t forget to mark your calendars for CPES2019)

2018 – November
intelliFLEX: A force multiplier for the Canadian FHE industry

2018 – October
The Top 4 Ways the USMCA Will Affect intelliFLEX Members

2018 – September
In unsure trading times, consider diversifying your international markets

2018 – April
The data says diversity, inclusion drive success: How does your team measure up?

2018 – March
How Canada’s electronics industry can punch above its weight

2018 – February
Where the rubber hits the road: FHE making waves in motorized transportation

2018 – January
10 ways intelliFLEX delivers value to Canada’s academic community

2017 – December
Enjoy the holidays and mark your calendar for 2018

2017 – November
Lessons learned by three intelliFLEX members

2017 – October
Building Canada’s smart textile and wearables industry takes a team effort

2017 – September
Our new website,, is now live!

2017 – June
Making business happen at CPES2017

2017 – April
Making a splash at Canada’s top printing event

2017 – March
What do we need to turbo-charge Canada’s OPV sector?

2017 – February
Are you a Small to Medium Sized Company? Are you expanding?

2017 – January
CPEIA strategic directions establish by Members

2016 – November
CPEIA passes high watermark by reaching 80 members!

2016 – October
Sector Leadership Council Announced for Industrial Firms: Why should you be part of it?

2016 – September
Make a difference on the intelliBUILD Leadership Council

2016 – June
How GGI International has built a global business in custom human machine interface technologies

2016 – May
Up close with the first winners of the CPES Innovation Awards

2016 – March
PE musings from the Mobile World Congress

2016 – February
Ontario’s colleges help bring technology to market

2016 – January
NovaCentrix: 16 years breaking the trail for printable electronics

2015 – November
Canadian players rock industry’s leading trade show

2015 – October
Building Canada’s industry A teams

2015 – September
Canada’s printable electronics industry is gaining steam

2015 – July
Building intelligence at the NRC

2015 – June
You have to line up that first domino to start a chain reaction

2015 – May
From CPES2015: What will it take to ‘turbo-charge’ Canada’s PE industry?

2015 – March
Help us reach 50 Members as we drive toward CPES2015

2015 – February
CME brass get inside look at Canada’s printable electronics capabilities

2015 – January
Canada’s new printable electronics association off to a roaring start

2014 – December
Canada scores a hat trick at printed electronics’ top industry event