CPES2019 now open for registration, speaker and exhibitor submissions

Come to Domaine Chateau-Bromont to learn, connect, partner and profit

CPES2019, Canada’s premier conference and trade show exhibition for flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE), is now open for registration along with speaker, academic poster and exhibitor submissions.

Organized by the intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance, CPES2019 takes place from May 16-17 at the Domaine Chateau-Bromont in Bromont, Quebec, less than an hour from Montreal.

The deadline for academic poster and speaker submissions is Feb. 18. The submission deadline for our Innovation Awards is March 22. Potential sponsors can contact us through our sponsorship form or by emailing CEO Peter Kallai.

Register now to receive our Early Bird pricing: Save up to $100 off the regular admission until March 31.

CPES has grown into an internationally recognized event, having hosted past delegations from the U.S., Taiwan, France and Greece. With over 40 speakers, four workshops, four industry awards, 22 industry exhibitors and 15 academic posters, last year’s event was a huge success (check out the event video). 

And don’t wait to book your tabletop exhibit space – we fill up early every year!

What’s CPES2019 all about?

Flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE) enable hundreds of new applications in various verticals by adding intelligence to ordinary objects with unique form factors. FHE uses next-generation additive and manufacturing electronics technologies that can help all 2,000 electronics players in Canada. The broader FHE market represents a $31.6B global market opportunity.

This is a growth opportunity for all electronics players, including the semiconductor industry, as they hit the limits of Moore’s Law for integrated circuits – they’re looking for new ways to produce electronics components more efficiently for existing and new applications.

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intelliFLEX receives Global Affairs funding to develop International Business Plan for market access
Industrial companies expected to participate in plan development

intelliFLEX is all about helping to diversify international markets for our members. From CanExport, to Export Market Access, to some of the ins and outs of the recently-signed USMCA trade deal, we’ve recently highlighted several programs available to help build your international customer base.

With market access being a major objective of our members, intelliFLEX has also recently been active in the U.S., France, Greece, Korea, and Taiwan, with several international MOUs for our members in place. But there’s still more to be done.

With this in mind, and as part of a supplementary funding round from Global Affairs’ Global Opportunities for Associations (GOA), we’re happy to announce that intelliFLEX is developing an International Business Plan (IBP) for our members. 

The plan will help companies in the Canadian Flexible and Hybrid Electronics (FHE) industry diversify their customer bases. While the U.S. has and likely always will be our prime trading partner, other robust markets in the EU and the Asia-Pacific are brimming with opportunity for Canadian innovators. 

The recent Strategic Research Agenda for Europe (developed by the Electronics Components and Systems consortium, comprised of AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS, available for download in our Members Zone) is a good example of just how strong the European market has become – and will only continue to grow. Other international FHE markets in Asia are also growing fast, according to initial conversations with our members.  

Because of these opportunities, the IBP is being developed in tandem with intelliFLEX’s trade mission to LOPEC in Munich, Germany early next year. This activity is partially funded by the GOA program. 

The IBP will help intelliFLEX qualify and apply for further rounds of Global Affairs GOA funding over the next several years, to further expand our international market access assistance to members.

Learn more about how you can get involved.

intelliFLEX Member News

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Jones Packaging project named one of 2018's
'most intriguing' FHE products of 2018             

An initiative by YUNI Beauty, Thinfilm and Jones Packaging to produce NFC-enabled packaging for its YUNI's Shower Sheets and Chillax (muscle recovery gel) products has been named one of Printed Electronics Now's "most intriguing" FHE products of 2018. The smart packaging provides how-to videos and application tips when consumers engage the NFC tags with their smartphones.
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Myant showcases world's first cuffless smart shirt for blood pressure monitoring

Smart textile maker Myant recently showcased its new cuffless blood pressure monitoring technology inside its SKIIN Textile Computing platform. The platform integrates innovative sensor and actuator technology into fabrics, including the world's first smart garment to deliver continuous cuffless blood pressure monitoring in a comfortable and machine-washable polo shirt. The shirt eliminates the hassle of regular blood pressure monitoring and features automatic data tracking allowing users to share data with their caregivers.
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NanoXplore announces $31M bought deal
private placement, expands relationship
with Martinrea

Montreal's NanoXplore has closed a $31M bought deal private placement originally announced in late 2018. The company also announced in late 2018 an updated MOU with Vaughan, Ont.-based Martinrea International Inc., which NanoXplore said will further develop the commercial relationship between the two companies. Martinrea had previously announced in November 2017 it had become a shareholder of NanoXplore and that the two companies were partnering on product development.
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PCAS and parent company Novacap
rebrand to become SEQUENS

PCAS Canada's parent company Novacap has consolidated all its activities under one roof, to be renamed SEQUENS. The new entity operates 24 manufacturing plants and three R&D centres in Europe, North America and Asia, including the PCAS Canada facility in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, and employs 3,200 globally. 

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Sun Chemical's Kelly Dobos named SCC President               

Kelly Dobos, a cosmetics technical engineer for Sun Chemical's Americas region, was named President of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. The appointment was announced in December during the 72nd Annual Scientific Meeting's awards luncheon in New York City. Dobos has more than 17 years of experience as a cosmetic chemist, and joined Sun Chemical in 2014.
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Information Mediary Corp. joins
Medopad global health platform


Information Mediary Corp. has partnered with Medopad, a health technology platform that allows patents to have one app for sharing health data, accessing information about conditions, and connecting with care teams. Medopad has partnerships with companies such as Apple and Tencent, and most recently also teamed with Medtronic and Fibricheck. The Medopad platform provides real-time patient data for care teams in once place, leading to condition-specific apps and better patient outcomes.
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NanoXplore takes home Front & Sullivan 
innovation award

NanoXplore was recognized with Frost & Sullivan's 2018 North American Technology Innovation Award for developing a proprietary chemico-mechanical exfoliation process to convert natural flake graphite to high-quality graphene. The process is described as cost effective, simple, high-yield and scalable to allow for more manufacturing capacity without changing the production process.

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International FHE Industry News

Coca-Cola explores printed electronics on labels

Coca-Cola Central and Eastern Europe recently partnered with Inuru, a Berlin-based OLED specialist, to create limited edition glass bottles featuring a logo that lit up when touched. According to the company, it’s the first time OLED has been applied to packaging and brought to a sizeable audience by a major brand.

The labels were printed in two phases, according to Inuru: conventional inks and printing technology were used by partner All4Labels to produce pressure-sensitive paper labels bearing Coke branding and typography. From there, Inuru printed the paper labels with lamination on top, including both the lighting and energy sources.

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Airbus, Royole exploring FHE aircraft applications

The Airbus China Innovation Centre (ACIC) and flexible electronics manufacturer Royole Corp. will begin to explore applications for flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE) in aircraft. According to a strategic Memorandum of Understanding between the two companies, both sides will explore new applications for FHE in aircraft such as flexible displays, flexible cabin sensors, along with innovations in cabin safety and energy conservation. 

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UK scientists develop lower cost method
for printing graphene electronics

Scientists at the University of Manchester have developed a new way of printing graphene electronics that could be cheaper and faster than standard techniques. Current conductive inks use nanoparticles, which can be expensive or prone to odixation, for their high electrical conductivity. However, the U of M team found that using a material called dihydrolevogucosenone (known as Cyrene) is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and can provide higher concentrations and conductivity.
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MIT researchers invent 3D printer that can
print structured 
glass at scale

Technologists at the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology have invented a new type of 3D printer (the G3DP2) that can produce structured, transparent glass. The new device is described as reliable and one that can achieve a fast production rate, along with reliability and repeatability. The researchers, Chikara Inamura, Michael Stern, Daniel Lizardo, Peter Houk and Neri Oxman, published the results in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.

Glass has proven to be one of the most challenging materials for 3D printing, but using the G3DP2 system researchers have been able to achieve far more control over molten glass during the printing process.
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HZDR debuts e-skin that senses magnetic fields

Germany's Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) has created an electronic skin that's so sensitive to magnetic fields that it can tell which way is north. The company has developed a thin, temporary tattoo that includes a sensor whose electrical current is strongest when pointing north, and weakest when pointing south.

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Spotlight on New Members


NYC-based Bonbouton is a smart textile company that develops smart insoles to detect diabetic foot ulcers before they happen. Bonbouton has created cutting-edge sensor technology that is embedded into wearable devices to improve health care seamlessly and intelligently. Proprietary graphene sensors passively monitor the skin’s physiological signals to predict injury, detect infection and monitor muscular activity. Bonbouton is a 1776 Health Fellow (2017), Next Top Makers Fellow (2016) and recently was awarded $225k from NSF funding for further develop the technology.

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