intelliFLEX is all about helping to diversify international markets for our members. From CanExport, to Export Market Access, to some of the ins and outs of the recently-signed USMCA trade deal, we’ve recently highlighted several programs available to help build your international customer base.

With market access being a major objective of our members, intelliFLEX has also recently been active in the U.S., France, Greece, Korea, and Taiwan, with several international MOUs for our members in place. But there’s still more to be done.

With this in mind, and as part of a supplementary funding round from Global Affairs’ Global Opportunities for Associations (GOA), we’re happy to announce that intelliFLEX is developing an International Business Plan (IBP) for our members. 

The plan will help companies in the Canadian Flexible and Hybrid Electronics (FHE) industry diversify their customer bases. While the U.S. has and likely always will be our prime trading partner, other robust markets in the EU and the Asia-Pacific are brimming with opportunity for Canadian innovators. 

The recent Strategic Research Agenda for Europe (developed by the Electronics Components and Systems consortium, comprised of AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS, available for download in our Members Zone) is a good example of just how strong the European market has become – and will only continue to grow. Other international FHE markets in Asia are also growing fast, according to initial conversations with our members.  

Because of these opportunities, the IBP is being developed in tandem with intelliFLEX’s trade mission to LOPEC in Munich, Germany early next year. This activity is also partially funded by the GOA program. 

The IBP will also help intelliFLEX qualify and apply for further rounds of Global Affairs GOA funding over the next several years, to further expand our international market access assistance to members.

Industrial member participation required

For a truly effective plan, however, intelliFLEX members must contribute and participate: We need to fully understand which markets are most valued to members currently, along with which member needs are most important when it comes to international diversification. 

We’re calling on each one of you reading this article to raise your hand, get involved and provide feedback to help build the IBP. You can do so in several ways:

  • First, get in touch with intelliFLEX CEO Mark Majewski at to arrange for a confidential telephone interview
  • Let us know which international markets are most appealing to your company and what holding you back from expanding your markets
  • Provide feedback on market strategy and approach once developed

intelliFLEX has retained the services of Marie O’Mahony and Haridoss Sarma (of GO 2 SCOUT 4 R&T), two highly qualified consultants, to develop the International Business Plan. Both have years of experience in the FHE industry and will be reaching out to canvass intelliFLEX members about IBP priorities in the new year.

Our goal is to determine new ways for the Canadian FHE industry to go to international markets as a strong group of companies. While this isn’t the simplest task due to the range of technologies and use cases of our membership (ie. materials, components, end use applications, etc.), the potential payoff is worth it – as we’ve learned through our last five years of experience in the U.S. And we’re sure you’ll agree.

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