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Curing Technology

Printed Electronics – Curing Copper Ink in Milliseconds

NovaCentrix revolutionizes the Printed Electronics industry with its new Metalon(R) ICI copper Ink and the PulseForge(R) line of processing tools. This sample was printed with a standard desktop printer, but the same can be done with industrial printers at high speeds. The PulseForge line of tools are designed to process a moving web of printed circuits at hundreds of feet per minute and keep up with nearly any printing technology.

Xenon Corporation

XENON X-1100 High-Intensity Pulsed Light System

The XENON X-1100 is the only low-cost benchtop Pulsed Light system that enables researchers to more easily characterize new processes using XENON’s proven technology.

Equipment & Service


Inkjet Technology Technology dedicated to Printed Electronics and Smart 3D Printing.

Intelligent Packaging
Cuepath Innovation

CuePath: Helping Caregivers Focus on What Matters Most

CuePath Innovation, has created a smart, disposable medication packaging and mobile platform. It enables families and caregivers to remotely track medication intake of elderly patients throughout the day.

Jones Packaging

Application of Thinfilm NFC OpenSense Tags to Jones Pharma Packaging High-Speed Production Line

A joint initiative between Thin Film Electronics ASA and Jones Packaging Inc. has now enabled the automated application of Thinfilm’s NFC OpenSense™ tags to paperboard pharma packaging on a Jones high-speed production line at the company’s primary converting facility in London, Ontario, Canada.

Market Research, Scouting & Events

Conductive Inks: Trends to Watch in 2017

The conductive ink industry is still in search of the next big thing. Indeed, the prevalent strategy is now to have as broad a product portfolio as possible, seeding multiple nascent markets, garnering as much as customer feedback as possible, and establishing value networks early on. In this webinar we will discuss the latest developments in the following sectors whilst outlining the latest product/material innovations.


RFID Sensors: Technology, Innovation, Markets… Opportunity?

RFID is booming – it now accounts for the largest number of silicon integrated circuits (ICs) made of one particular type. But in addition to over 20% growth over the next few years, there is much more to come. RFID is moving beyond wireless identification alone to wireless sensing of parameters such as temperature, humidity and much more. Interest in RFID Sensors has risen greatly over the last two years, with over 40 companies now supplying RFID sensors in addition to resellers, integrators and those providing software solutions, according to a study from IDTechEx Research titled “RFID Sensors 2017-2027”. New RFID sensors today have been enabled by a new breed of built-for-purpose ICs, which made prior types of RFID sensor limited in performance and expensive. Combined with innovations in flexible batteries, printed sensors and antennas and wider deployment of RFID reader infrastructure, the opportunity for RFID sensors has moved into focus.

Materials & Process
GGI International

GGI International: Aerospace

GGI is an AS9100C certified organization. GGI designs, engineers & manufactures cutting edge UL94VO-compliant custom Human Machine Interface (HMI) platforms for the Aerospace industry.  Whether it be controlling the internal environment of a piece of chilling equipment in an aircraft galley or controlling seat functions on a first or business class seat , you can count on GGI to be your trusted partner.

GGI International

GGI International – Printed Electronics

GGI’s “best-in-class” Printed Electronics products are designed and manufactured using state of the art equipment and processes in a clean room environment. This expertise, coupled with our extensive surface mount assembly and design expertise, allows us to produce active circuits and devices. Some application examples using innovative materials and processes include: high density printed circuits, transparent touch pads & touch screens, touch sensors & heaters, flexible EL lamps and light emitting diffusers. This array of printed solutions is often integrated into a higher level mechanical assembly fulfilling the specific requirements of the end application.

Group NanoXplore

NanoXplore – Graphene solutions for a better tomorrow… Today

At NanoXplore we provide Graphene and Graphene-based solutions for a better tomorrow.. But what if tomorrow starts today?

Group NanoXplore

NanoXplore – Unleashing the power of graphene

Watch how graphene increases your smartphone battery time. NanoXplore is specialized in the production of high quality graphene and its derivative materials.


Henkel next-generation semiconductor packaging in printed electronics

Henkel Electronic Materials LLC is a division of global material supplier, Henkel Corporation. Headquartered in Irvine, California with sales, service, manufacturing and advanced R&D centers around the globe, Henkel is focused on developing next-generation materials for a variety of applications in semiconductor packaging, industrial, consumer, displays and emerging electronics market sectors. With a broad portfolio of silver, carbon, dielectric and clear conductive inks, Henkel is making today’s medical solutions, in-home conveniences, handheld connectivity, RFID and automotive advances reliable and effective.

Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical Corporate Capabilities

Sun Chemical, a member of the DIC group, is the world’s largest producer of printing inks and pigments and a leading provider of materials to packaging, publication, coatings, plastics, cosmetics, and other industrial markets.

OTI Lumionics

Entrepreneur Series: OTI Lumionics

Founded in 2011, OTI Lumionics was created by Michael Helander and several of his U of T engineering colleagues to commercialize their major breakthrough in OLED technology made during their doctoral studies. Today, OTI employs about a dozen employees – most of them U of T engineering alumni – and is located in a 3,300 square foot office and lab space in the Banting & Best Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship across from the MaRS Discovery District.

Research & Development
National Research Council Canada

NRC Business Series – Nanomaterials

NRC offers many services that are of interest to businesses. From prototype to commercialization, we will help you meet your customers’ needs today and tomorrow. This 1-minute video highlights nanomaterials at NRC.

National Research Council Canada

NRC Business Series – Photonics

NRC offers many services that are of interest to businesses. NRC expertise and state of the art tools provide competitive edge for your products. This 1-minute video highlights photonics at NRC.


Printed Electronics – Xerox Research Centre of Canada

The Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) is a pioneer in designing, demonstrating, scaling-up, and supplying organic electronic materials. Early research work includes photoconductive pigments and hole transport molecules for organic photoconductive membranes that are used in many xerographic printers and photocopiers.


Wibismart Enviro Sustainable Wireless Sensing #BrightMindsChallenge 2017

The WibiSmart ENVIRO measures and communicates air, soil, and water quality information, enabling intelligent decisions around global environmental issues.

Brewer Science

Brewer Science Inflect™ Flex Sensor

InFlect™ flex sensors utilize our revolutionary carbon-based nanotechnology to deliver a highly sensitive and real-time response to varying angles of deflection.

Tangio Printed Electronics

Unwinding to the sweet sound of PE at Printed Electronics USA 2015

As part of the Canadian Pavilion at the 2015 Printed Electronics USA conference, CPEIA Member Tangio Printed Electronics sponsored an exhibition in which renowned composer and producer Phi Bui played a PE-enabled musical instrument – a force-sensing membrane-based keyboard called LinnStrument.

Smart Retail

TUKU Contactless Mobile Marketing

TUKU’s Path-to-Purchase is simple for shoppers: TUKU Tags use contactless technology to invite shoppers to tap their smartphones to learn more about products. TUKU distills the time-consuming process of product research, analysis and decision-making down to a few seconds. It helps shoppers make more confident, better-informed point-of-purchase decisions by bringing the retailers’ and brands’ online marketing right into the physical store. It builds trust, and it keeps them engaged in your world, not your competitors’.


Real-Time Customer Feedback Solution for Restaurants – TableTalk™

TableTalk™ allows guests to initiate ‘in-the-moment’ dialogue with restaurant managers and owners. Diners can rate and relate their dining experience in real-time, making it possible for restaurants to correct problems immediately, while guest are still in the establishment.

Wearable Technology

Presenting OMsignal, technology woven into life

OMsignal is designing biometric apparel. Discover our new, ground-breaking technology and how it could change people’s approach to their health.


OMbra by OMsignal: The Smart Sports Bra For Mindful Running

OMbra’s embedded sensor technology captures your key body signals to accurately determine your personalized smart running zones. OM’s Biometric Coach guides you using your own data, so you can achieve greater progress, maximize fat burn and reduce the potential risk of injury and unnecessary fatigue. OM…bringing the science of mindful running to women.

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