Why join intelliFLEX?

Benefits and Services

No company can do it all themselves.

That’s why in the world of Printable, Flexible and Hybrid Electronics (FHE), if you’re not partnering with other companies and organizations, then you’re likely falling behind.

intelliFLEX accelerates the growth and development of the FHE sector in North America and abroad. The Innovation Alliance delivers a built-in ecosystem and supply chain that complements your company’s internal capabilities, providing a network across Canada unparalleled in the industry. Our members specialize in materials, R&D, manufacturing, components, software and a host of other areas.

We focus on the needs and requirements of our Members, as identified by our Sector Leadership Council through extensive and regular consultation.

Based on the needs identified by our Members, intelliFLEX delivers:

New Product Development Advantage

Secure lead customers, enter supply chains and conduct field testing, with insights and intelligence from a high-caliber group of industry movers, technology integrators end-user early adopters, global brand owners, as well as academic organizations and government R&D labs.

Full Benefits
  • Access to prototyping facilities, facility tours
  • intelliPACK program, Leadership Council for intelligent packaging
  • intelliBUILD program, Leadership Council for intelligent buildings, connected homes
  • intelliWEAR program, Leadership Council for smart textiles, wearables
  • intelliPART program, Leadership Council for automotive/industrial (coming)
  • Personal introductions through End User Connect
  • Personal introductions through Member Connect
  • Access to intelliFLEX Knowledge Base
  • Access white papers, use cases, application notes at free/discounted rates
  • Access to facilities through tours and open houses
  • Speaking opportunities at industry and end user conferences
  • Attend new product development training programs at discounted rates

Scale Up Manufacturing Advantage

Move prototypes to large volume production, by sharing experience and know-how through webinars, facility tours, hands-on training, referrals, and access to manufacturing, prototyping resources and tech partners.

Full Benefits
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Product Development Program
  • Access to intelliFLEX Knowledge Base
  • Access to facilities, contract manufacturers through tours and open houses
  • Personal introductions through Member Connect
  • Personal introductions through Supplier Connect
  • CPES conference with dedicated manufacturing day
  • FHE Manufacturing Institute (in development)
  • Smart Textile & Wearables Manufacturing Institute (in development)

Global Market Advantage

Engage with end users, equipment vendors, manufacturing process developers, material suppliers, software companies, consultants and technical experts through referrals, workshops webinars and our annual conference, CPES.

Full Benefits
  • Minimum 15% discount on partner events
  • 20% discount on IDTechEx market research reports
  • Personal introductions through Member Connect
  • Personal introductions through End User Connect
  • Be featured in use cases, application notes at no cost
  • Opportunity to join vertical-specific end user Leadership Councils
  • Speaking opportunities at industry and end user conferences
  • Receive intelliFLEX industry news
  • Be featured in intelliFLEX industry news
  • Submit for CPES Innovation, Commercialization or Startup of the Year awards
  • Sponsor CPES conference and tradeshow exhibition
  • Attend and exhibit at CPES at discounted rates
  • Upload member video link and be featured on the intelliFLEX website

Expansion Capital Advantage

Advocate to government, educating the marketplace on the capabilities and value proposition of FHE, and mentoring pre-revenue companies to help them successfully pitch investors and government programs.

Full Benefits
  • Assistance accessing government funding programs
  • Participation in CPES Funding Panel
  • Personal introductions through Investor Connect
  • Business Plan Review
  • Startup Mentoring

About Us

intelliFLEX, a not-for-profit industry alliance, is a vital partner for accelerating the growth of the printable, flexible and hybrid electronics sector of more than 300 organizations across Canada. Our technologies add intelligence and connect ordinary objects to enable the Internet of Everything.

We unite our growing global membership to build an effective ecosystem of supply chains for flexible, 3D printable electronics, 2D large area printable electronics, wearable electronics, smart textiles and hybrid electronics including related semiconductors, integrated circuits and software.

Our programs accelerate the adoption of these innovations for Smart Packaging and Retail, Intelligent Buildings and Connected Homes, Aerospace and Defence, Automotive and Industrial Applications, Health and Wellness, Intelligent Documents and Wearables.

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