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How Canadian Manufacturers Are Responding to Industry 4.0

Manufacturers around the world are adopting Industry 4.0 technologies and are transforming their businesses. They’re integrating digital technologies that optimize processes, making them more efficient and plant operations more...

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Celebrating Women in Electronics

Throughout 2020. EP&T explores the topic of diversity in the industry through a series of articles designed to get readers thinking about gender equity in the engineering profession, allowing others to perhaps see their surroundings through a new...

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Myant partners with Canadian Tire on wearable tech

Myant Inc.'s proprietary, fiber-based technology will be implemented in gear from manufacturers like Helly Hansen, Woods and Dakota thanks to a new partnership between the wearable technology firm and Canadian Tire Corp. Myant's SKIIN Textile Computing platform – one which...

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Ynvisible contracted by security and ID company to improve authentication

Ynvisible Interactive Inc. recently announced it has entered into a commercial agreement with a global security and identity solutions group. The agreement involves exploring the use of Ynvisible's proprietary intellectual property and expertise in electrochromics in the...

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NovaCentrix conductive paint to spend a year in space

One of NovaCentrix's conductive paints was recently selected for a one-year stay at the International Space Station, after a partnership with the University of North Dakota led to the successful testing of several conductive paints on spacesuit fabrics. Upon return the fabric...

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Ryerson U, Myant partner on new textile computing lab

Toronto's Ryerson University and Myant, an end-to-end textile computing company, have announced the launch of a new textile computing lab at the school's Faculty of Communication and Design. Ryerson says the lab will enable collaborative research across disciplines into new...

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Canadian federal government eases SR&ED cap rules

Ottawa will lift the oft-criticized income cap from its Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program, as announced in this week's federal budget. Under the current rules, tax credits earned under the program are clawed back if companies earn more...

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Quasistatic signals to protect wearables and implants from hackers

Wearables and implants are great, but also have serious implications when it comes to potential hacks. That's why Purdue Researchers have come up with a way to upgrade the security of these devices by switching from conventional electromagnetic wireless signals to...

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The Robots are Here. Canada Must Develop the Skills to Take Advantage

Image courtesy NGEN Chief Creative Officer Bruce Wallace says in this piece from Next Generation Manufacturing Canada that even though there are already more than 2M robots "working" around the world –with high adoption rates in electronics, automotive, metal and...

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Ynvisible to enter smart labeling sector

Feb. 13, Printed Electronics World: Ynvisible Interactive Inc. has announced the signing of commercial contracts with companies in the smart label sector. Ynvisible will provide visual indicators to the clients' smart label solutions – in one case, with an electrochromic...

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Sun Chemical partners with HAVI

Sun Chemical has partnered with HAVI, a global food service packaging and supply chain company, to bring its SunVisto AquaGreen bio-renewable, natural-based inks to market. Sun Chemical's bio-renewable inks have been certified by HAVI as a recommended natural-based ink...

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Xerox enters 3D printing space with Vader acquisition

Feb. 7, 3DPI: Xerox has acquired New York-based Vader Systems, a manufacturer of liquid metal jet 3D printers, for an undisclosed sum. The deal is part of Xerox's innovations strategy aimed at accessing the $8 billion additive and digital manufacturing market. According to...

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Harvesting body heat to power lightweight wearables

Image courtesy University of Massachusetts. Interesting Engineering, Jan 23: UMass researchers Trisha Andrew and Linden Allison have come up with a new fabric that can capture energy from body heat to power light wearable devices. The fabric takes advantage of the...

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Chinese researchers print multitasking graphene ink into small supercapacitators

Jan. 22, Printed Electronics World: Scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have come up with a screen-printing method using graphene ink that lays down multiple microsupercapacitators in various shapes and arrays. The discovery is noteworthy because of the difficulty...

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‘Double doping’: Discovery could double efficiency of organic electronics

January 14, Science Daily: OLED displays, plastics-based solar cells and bioelectronics are just a handful of the many technologies that could benefit from a new discovery by researchers at Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden). Through a process known as "double...

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