Canada’s Opportunity in Printable, Flexible, Hybrid Electronics

Silicon … and beyond

intelliFLEX and its partners believe that creating a globally competitive flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE) sector in North America will generate billions of dollars in new activity for Canada’s knowledge economy, create thousands of jobs and strengthen ties between Canadian and international organizations to mutual benefit.

The first wave of electronics began more than a century ago with the vacuum tube. Then came the transistor, which led to integrated circuits and microchips. FHE is part of the “third wave” of electronics, which have only just begun to realize their potential to redefine how we live, work and play.

Canada has the resources, the track record in innovation and the domain expertise in electronics design, development and manufacturing for key industries to become a global powerhouse in this emerging industry sector as part of an integrated North American and international ecosystem that pursues end use applications in specific high-growth market verticals and supply chains.

FHE lies at the convergence of several industries in which Canada has a strong track record – advanced materials, micro-electronics, information and communications technologies, printing, textile and advanced manufacturing.

The full potential of FHE can only be realized through a coordinated and combined effort that draws on the expertise and resources of stakeholders from all corners of a Canadian ecosystem that is globally connected – end users, equipment vendors, manufacturing process developers, material suppliers, software companies, consultants and technical experts, post-secondary institutions and government research labs.

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New 1-day courses in printable, flexible, hybrid electronics

Geared toward potential technology users and developers who wish to learn more about what is possible with printable, flexible or wearable electronics and how to integrate into products for a range of industries.


May 16-17, 2019
Domaine Chateau Bromont, Québec

At CPES, industry-leading Canadian and international speakers will explore all facets of FHE during the fifth annual CPES including flexible, stretchable, and 2D/3D printable electronics; smart textiles and wearables; and flex-integrated circuit technologies, software and applications.