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New Annual Report details intelliFLEX's accomplishments and ROI on your membership dollars

By Jim Donnelly

What are your intelliFLEX membership dollars helping to accomplish? 

Plenty – and when you download our new Annual Report for the past 12 months, we’ll show you in detail. 

intelliFLEX members are encouraged to download and review the report, hosted in our Members Zone, anytime. It illustrates the progress we’ve made on each of the innovation alliance’s five main objectives, as developed and approved by our members at Sector Leadership Council meetings and the Annual General Meeting:

  • Product development advantage
  • Scale-up manufacturing advantage
  • International market access and development advantage
  • Financing advantage
  • Developing people/teams advantage

The innovation alliance has made excellent progress in each of these areas over the past 12 months, much of which is detailed in the report. We’ve shown strong leverage for each membership dollar you pay us, as we help develop a vibrant and growing industry ecosystem for flexible and hybrid electronics.

Members can download the report in the Members Zone of our website.

Some of the major accomplishments you’ll read about in the report are as follows:

  • Twenty-six new members were added over the last 12 months. For every membership dollar, we raised an additional $2.50 from other sources in actual cash. We raised another $2 in in-kind contributions such as editorial coverage, partner promotions, course development and now, for the first time, R&D development. In turn, for every dollar raised, we returned about $5.50 in industrial benefits to members and industry.
Read more about intelliFLEX's Annual Report

Recap of WEAR2018 conference


By Marie O'Mahony, intelliFLEX Member

Textile and apparel industry consultant Marie O'Mahony shares her thoughts and impressions on this year's WEAR2018 conference in Toronto.

Organized by Fashion Takes Action, the World Ethical Apparel Roundtable (WEAR) conference is now in its fifth year and featured a keynote by independent consultant to the United Nations Karen Newman (in photo, at right).

Ms. Newman discussed fashion's role in the UN's seventeen sustainable development goals laid out in its "Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" plan.

Read the full story on Innovation in Textiles.

Spotlight on Funding

Canadian SMEs: Get federal dollars to join intelliFLEX delegation to attend or exhibit at LOPEC

Great news for eleven Canadian SME intelliFLEX members wishing to sell into the EU!

intelliFLEX has secured contribution funding from Global Affairs Canada’s Global Opportunities for Associations (GOA) for up to eleven Canadian intelliFLEX small- or medium-sized enterprise (SME) members: 
1.    Up to six exhibitors in the Canada Pavilion at next year’s LOPEC trade fair; and 
2.    An additional five to attend the conference and trade show for fact finding, market assessment and meetings with potential partners on the show floor.

The event, which draws thousands of attendees from dozens of countries and is organized by the Organic Electronics Association (OEA), takes place in Munich, Germany from March 19 to 21, 2019. 

Interested Canadian SMEs have until the end of November to apply. intelliFLEX will review and approve applications on a first come, first served basis.  If you are not an SME, hence not eligible for support, you can still join the Canada Pavilion.

Please contact intelliFLEX to reserve your spot before November 30, 2018. 

Download more information about this opportunity.

Ontario SMEs: apmaTEC calls for autonomous technology for vehicles

The apmaTEC, an initiative led by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA) and the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN), is seeking technology proposals from Ontario SMEs as it equips a fleet of connected and autonomous vehicles.

The amount of money pouring into the development of next-generation vehicles is something intelliFLEX members would be wise to heed. Application examples include smart seats, other smart sensing surfaces, new mold panels that take advantage of in-mold electronics, photovoltaic coatings, and new display technologies embedded in the windshield (HUD displays). 

Over the next five years, the apmaTEC will build a fleet of 20 vehicles including commercial buses, utility vehicles, minivans, SUVs, CUVs and sedans. Each vehicle will have up to 10 pieces of connected/autonomous technology installed and will be showcased to global OEMs and Tier 1-2 suppliers.

IntelliFLEX has strong experience in FHE applications for automotive and is available to consult with members about application approaches, including the creation of multi-company consortiums. 

More information, including eligibility criteria, can be found here. 

intelliFLEX and Industry News

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Please use the online form on our public site.

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XCO Tech wins $800k in government funding
for product development

CPES2018 Startup of the Year award winner XCO Tech Inc. has received $800k in funding from the Canadian federal government's Western Innovation (WINN) initiative, a program of Western Diversification Canada. The company said the funding will help accelerate the testing and manufacturing of its sport performance and concussion products adding that it is eligible to apply for an additional $9.2M in WINN funding over the next five years. XCO Tech has proprietary technology that provides insightful digital biomarkers to better guide training, rehabilitation, and treatment.

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Captiva Innovations signs licensing deal with Sundance USA                        

Captiva Innovations, a subsidiary of TF Massif, has signed a licensing deal with printing, graphic design and mailing services company SunDance USA. The deal makes SunDance the first print shop to produce Captiva’s illuminated eBanner products, in house, using their existing large format manufacturing equipment. Captiva will also provide SunDance with ePrint media rolls, electronic components, software, and training.
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NovaCentrix acquires copper ink IP from Intrinsiq Materials                      

In a deal involving two intelliFLEX members, NovaCentrix has acquired the copper ink technology IP of Intrinsiq Materials in an asset sale by the latter’s investors. NovaCentrix says it will continue to support existing customers of Intrinsiq Materials’ copper ink technology. Intrinsiq Materials’ Chief Scientist and copper inks expert Dr. Michael Carmody will join NovaCentrix as part of the deal, where he will continue to lead the development of copper ink technologies and applications. 
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Myant joins forces with Mayo Clinic for textile computing collaboration 

Myant has announced a strategic collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, to bring the latter’s patented algorithms for heart monitoring and arrythmia detection to Myant’s SKIIN Textile Computing platform. The agreement gives Myant exclusive access to the Mayo technology in advance of Myant’s SKIIN smart underwear, to be released in 2019 pending FDA clearance and Health Canada approval.

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Henkel launches new materials and adhesives for 3D printing 

Henkel will introduce a series of new products at the upcoming Formnext 2018 conference in Frankfurt, including differentiated new engineering resin platforms designed to optimize 3D printing and manufacturing processes according to various functionalities. It will also launch its new Loctite 3D Printer and a first general Bonding Kit, meant to support customers who are bonding prototyping parts for the most well-known 3D printing technologies.

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Ynvisible appoints industry leaders to advisory board 

Ynvisible Interactive has announced the creation of its first Advisory Board, along with the appointments of industry veterans Dr. Michael Okoroafor, Dr. Harlan Byker, and Dr. Harri Kopola. Dr. Okoroafor is Vice-President of Global Sustainability and Packaging Innovation at McCormick & Company, Dr. Byker is founder and CEO of Pleotint LLC, and Dr. Kopola is a pioneer in printed electronics having conducted groundbreaking research at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
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intelliPACK hosts European group
during fact-finding mission

intelliPACK recently played host to AdPack 2, the European Strategic Cluster Partnership for Advanced Smart Packaging. It's a conglomeration of European packaging clusters including InovCluster, Plastiwin, SCS, Nanoprogress, BlaticNet Plasmatec, and Packaging Cluster. AdPack 2 met up with intelliPACK during its fact-finding mission in Toronto. The meeting also included member companies like Jones Packaging, ICI, Tuku and Sun Chemical. The group’s next fact-finding mission takes place in Shanghai this month.
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Q&A with Dr. Paul Smith on the merging of 3D printing and printed electronics 

Dr. Paul Smith, intelliFLEX board chair and
VP of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, recently sat down with Digital Journal for a Q&A on work being done at Xerox on the merging of 3D printing and printed electronics. Possible innovations include technology allowing athletes to wear mouth guards that monitor heart rate, oxygen, glucose and cortisol levels, feeding the data to coaches on the sidelines or behind the bench. Other applications include smart drug packages relaying data to pharmacies on patient medication use.

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intelliFLEX and Partner Events

The annual IDTechEX Show! took place from Nov. 14 to 15, and was another huge success. IntelliFLEX was well-represented at the show with more than 40 Canadian companies attending, speaking, or exhibiting, with 10 exhibitors in intelliFLEX's Canada Pavilion. Member company TF Massif also supplied the conference's dynamically illuminated, interactive theme banners. 

At right: Professor Sylvain Cloutier of ETS, intelliFLEX CEO Peter Kallai, and Ceradrop VP Nicolas Bernadin in front of the CeraPrinter purchased by ETS from Ceradrop.

Below: The Canada Pavilion at the IDTechEx Show.

intelliFLEX 2019 Membership Drive

The 2019 Membership Drive is On!

“intelliFLEX plays a vital role in spearheading and accelerating the broad adoption of Flexible and Hybrid Electronic (FHE) technologies in many manufacturing supply chains. intelliFLEX helps its members establish collaboration opportunities with key organizations and innovators to ensure a prosperous future for advanced manufacturing in Canada.” 

- Paul Smith, VP of Xerox Corp., Centre Director of Xerox Research Centre of Canada, and intelliFLEX Board Chair

intelliFLEX members: It's time to renew your membership, or to encourage others in the FHE space to join the innovation alliance in 2019. 

intelliFLEX allows any organization, of any size, to capitalize on new opportunities in the growing and exciting Flexible and Hybrid Electronics (FHE) sector. 

We use our growing, 125 member network to leverage new opportunities and connections for member organizations, which include startups to multinationals to universities and colleges. 

For more information, please download our membership brochure.


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