New Annual Report details accomplishments and ROI on your membership dollars

What are your intelliFLEX membership dollars helping to accomplish?

Plenty – and when you download our new Annual Report for the past 12 months, we’ll show you in detail.

intelliFLEX members are encouraged to download and review the report, hosted in our Members Zone, anytime. It illustrates the progress we’ve made on each of the innovation alliance’s five main objectives, as developed and approved by our members at Sector Leadership Council meetings and the Annual General Meeting:

  • Product development advantage
  • Scale-up manufacturing advantage
  • International market access and development advantage
  • Financing advantage
  • Developing people/teams advantage

The innovation alliance has made excellent progress in each of these areas over the past 12 months, much of which is detailed in the report. We’ve shown strong leverage for each membership dollar you pay us, as we help develop a vibrant and growing industry ecosystem for flexible and hybrid electronics.

Members can download the report in the Members Zone of our website.

Some of the major accomplishments you’ll read about in the report:

  • 26 new members were added over the last 12 months. For every membership dollar, we raised an additional $2.50 from other sources in actual cash. We raised another $2 in in-kind contributions such as editorial coverage, partner promotions, course development and now, for the first time, R&D development. In turn, for every dollar raised, we returned about $5.50 in industrial benefits to members and industry.
  • intelliFLEX produced a cornerstone analysis of the Canadian electronics industry, with the following results: It has ~2,000 firms and $25 billion in annual output. ~50 per cent is in Ontario and ~25 per cent in Quebec, with the remaining ~25 per cent split between Alberta and British Columbia.
  • The NSERC GreEN R&D Network, dedicated to sustainable green electronics, was funded by NSERC to the tune of ~$6 million over five years. IntelliFLEX has been a major supporter of this network, with 22 industrial members participating.
  • intelliFLEX developed a Supercluster submission and is now waiting for the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster to announce funding programs and Request for Detailed Proposals. The intelliFLEX-Myant Advanced Manufacturing for Smart Textile and Wearables project was shortlisted.
  • intelliFLEX has moved well beyond its original mandate of coordinating CPES, the annual conference and networking event. It has become a vehicle for supply chain development, thought leadership, industry training, startup support, fundraising for the FHE sector in Canada, and developing R&D projects, all while being a stepping stone to international markets. All of this was achieved on a shoestring budget.

We’ll also release an intelliPACK Leadership Council update later this month, which will give an inside look at the excellent progress being made by the LC in the realm of intelligent packaging.

About Us

intelliFLEX, a not-for-profit industry alliance, is a vital partner for accelerating the growth of the printable, flexible and hybrid electronics sector of more than 300 organizations across Canada. Our technologies add intelligence and connect ordinary objects to enable the Internet of Everything.

We unite our growing global membership to build an effective ecosystem of supply chains for flexible, 3D printable electronics, 2D large area printable electronics, wearable electronics, smart textiles and hybrid electronics including related semiconductors, integrated circuits and software.

Our programs accelerate the adoption of these innovations for Smart Packaging and Retail, Intelligent Buildings and Connected Homes, Aerospace and Defence, Automotive and Industrial Applications, Health and Wellness, Intelligent Documents and Wearables.

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