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As an exclusive benefit to intelliFLEX Members, we are developing a growing number of white papers about applications for printable, flexible and wearable electronics in various industry verticals that Members can access through the intelliFLEX Knowledge Base:

Printable and Flexible Electronics Enabled Intelligent Buildings: New Functions, Improved Performance and Optimized Control

The modern commercial building is morphing into an intelligent building at a rapid pace. Technologies large and small are bringing sensors, analytics and controls that will improve efficiency, services, and occupant comfort and safety. In this paper, we examine the roles PE can play to evolve the function and operation of commercial buildings. We focus on the major components of building automation systems: Lighting, Heating, Ventilation Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Fire, and Safety.

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Printable and Flexible Electronics Applications in the Connected Home

For years, the concept of the connected home has been forwarded on the premise of providing the typical homeowner with greater comfort and convenience. This isn’t an inaccuracy, but the greatest appeal of the connected home, and driver for the market adoption of related technologies, is the cost savings that can be realized. In this paper, we explore how printable and flexible electronics can substantially reduce the cost and complexity of adding the functions and the intelligence necessary to create a truly connected home, as well as yield the operational cost savings that have a direct impact on a family’s bank account.

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The Future is Smart: The Internet of Things

What will enable IoT and make it truly as pervasive and disruptive as we have been led to believe? The answer is PE. But where are these IoT opportunities first emerging?

In this piece reprinted by permission for our Members from the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Magazine, writer Alec Scott ranges from San Jose, to CES and beyond to understand how “data-spouting devices” are already changing how we live and work.

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Driving New Levels of Consumer Engagement through Intelligent Packaging

Are you a brand owner eager to find new ways to engage the consumer at the point of sale? Maybe you’re a technology provider interested in learning about the exciting new business opportunities emerging in the packaging industry.

This paper summarizes audience survey results and chief takeaways from our IntelliPACK workshop last fall, in partnership with PAC, Packaging Consortium, that illustrate the vital role PE must play in driving consumer and brand engagement at the point of sale.

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Printable Electronics – Canada’s Opportunity

Do decision makers within your organization need a general introduction to PE and the dynamic opportunity that exists for Canada in this sector? Are you approaching prospects about joint projects in PE, but lack an effective marketing piece to break the ice and start the conversation? This paper provides a general introduction to PE and its potential to profoundly change how we live, work and play.

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