In unsure trading times, consider diversifying your international markets  

By Jim Donnelly

Glancing at the headlines these days, Canadian companies could be forgiven if they’re concerned over the trading relationship between Canada and the U.S. Despite the healthy exchange of goods and services that takes place every day between both countries, some experts say we’re at a low point in Canada-U.S. trade relations.
Indeed, according to the Conference Board of Canada, the U.S. share of Canada’s trade has dropped from 83 per cent in the early 2000s to around 73 per cent today.
Which is why it’s not surprising that one of Global Affairs Canada’s top three stated priorities for 2018-19 is the further diversification of Canada’s international trade.
While we have members and business relationships with many U.S.-based companies and several U.S.-based associations, the unfortunate reality is that no company or organization can control a trade war or tariffs. Hence, diversification may make sense.
But for Canadian companies in the FHE space looking to diversify beyond North America, establishing beachheads in new markets can be daunting. Where do you start? Whom do you contact? And is there anyone to help you through the process, either with funding, guidance, or both?
You’ve got options...


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Myant named to CIX List of Canada’s most innovative companies

Toronto-based Myant Inc., a recognized leader in the design, development, and production of Textile Computing products, is proud to be named one of the CIX (Canadian Innovation Exchange) Top 20 Most Innovative Canadian Technology Companies for 2018.
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Myant and Butler Technologies announce wearable technology partnership and licensing agreement

Myant Inc. has signed a licensing deal with Pittsburgh-based printed electronics firm Butler Technologies Inc. The deal covers Myant’s wearable electro-luminescent (EL) lamp technology. The two companies also announced a partnership to advance textile computing via Myant’s Digital Textile Factory initiative.
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C2MI gets $20.5M to support Canadian electronic systems development, including printable electronics

The Government of Quebec is providing $20.5 million in financial assistance to Université de Sherbrooke to support the acquisition of research equipment. The initiative, valued at $28.5 million, will include the Integrated Innovation Chain for Digital Prosperity project, which aims to conduct research in new industrial sectors and support a range of government priorities related to the digital economy, digital technology, artificial intelligence and innovative manufacturing. The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy, Science and Innovation and Minister responsible for the Digital Agenda, Dominique Anglade, and the Member of Parliament for Sherbrooke, Family Minister and Minister responsible for the region Estrie, Mr. Luc Fortin, made the announcement this past June.
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GGI Solutions Acquires Bergquist Membrane Switch Business

Montreal-based human machine interface designer and manufacturer GGI Solutions has acquired the membrane switch business of The Bergquist Company, a subsidiary of Henkel AG. Bergquist has developed an advanced fabrication process for layer adhesiveness, along with providing key components of human machine interface solutions in the medical, aerospace, and industrial sectors. The acquisition also includes IP assets related to the application of positive temperature coefficient ink designs for printed heater solutions.
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NSERC invests $5.5 Million into Green Electronics Network Focused on Printable Electronics

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) announced funding of $78M last month, to go to recipients of the Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks and Projects. NSERC says the funding will go to six networks and 80 projects across Canada, including $5.5M to the Green Electronics Network. The announcement was made in Waterloo at Promation, a University of Waterloo industry partner and member of the Network for Holistic Innovation in Additive Manufacturing. For more details on the Green Electronics Network, check the list of recipients through the announcement link.
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Information Mediary Corp. (IMC) joins NFC Forum as Implementing Partner Member

IMC is the newest implementing member of NFC Forum, a certification body for Near Field Communication devices, joining international heavyweights such as Apple, Google, Intel, Samsung, Sony and Visa. IMC produces NFC-enabled smart packaging and content monitoring (temperature and medication usage) solutions, including eCAP Smart Medication Vials and Coolblue NFC temperature loggers.

TUKU's NFC-enabled displays gaining traction after
CPES 2018 award win 

TUKU is a London, Ont.-based software company whose near field communications-enabled displays are gaining traction in the cosmetics field. Earlier this year, the company took home the CPES 2018 New Product Innovation Award – in partnership with Array Marketing – for creating interactive displays featuring NFC tags. These tags enable displays to interact with the customer's smartphone, offer additional information about the product, suggest other products, and help with wayfinding.

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intelliFLEX Members Embark on Tribo Electric R&D Project with Support from Government of Canada

This is a year-long project undertaken by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) as the technical lead. The project is aimed at researching and, if possible, developing flexible battery-free autonomous power supplies using the printing process for miniaturized electronics by using piezoelectric, and tribo-electric effects.

In the past ten years, much technology development has been made in the area of the internet of things (IoT), wearable electronics, and various sensor systems. Large numbers of miniaturized electronic devices have been developed and used in many aspects of our daily life. A study predicts that there will be 25 billion of permanently connected things in a few years, and will reach 10 trillion connected sensors some years later. Most of these devices, however, will require a battery pack, big or small. Having to have and change a battery on each of these devices will not only be inconvenient and wasteful, but an environmental disaster.

The project participants include five Canadian intelliFLEX members: MW Canada, GGI Solutions Inc, Jannatec, Jones Packaging and Information Mediary Corp. Significant financial contribution to the project is being provided by NRC Printable Electronics Flagship Program and NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP). Project management and contract management support are provided by intelliFLEX. This marks intelliFLEX’s first R&D collaborative project where we are able to provide such services and help secure significant financial contributions for our members.

Spotlight on new members

Norbert Schlafli, (nsm)
Providing high precision versatile printing systems, Norbert Schlafli, (nsm) is expanding into North America and is a new IntelliFLEX member. With a rich history of industry and academic collaboration, Norbert Schlafli, (nsm) is looking for collaboration opportunities with IntelliFLEX members to support your advancing printing requirements. National Research Council Ottawa owns multiple systems from Norbert Schlafli, (nsm) at the facility in Ottawa.
Norbert Schlafli, (nsm) manufactures and distributes high precision systems for printed, flexible, wearable and 3D electronics. Norbert Schlafli, (nsm) offers over 30 years of expertise in printing and coating technology with innovative and customized solutions for production and laboratories worldwide. Norbert Schlafli, (nsm)  is serving clients in the following markets: OLEDs, Displays, Lighting, Solar cells, Sensors, Batteries, and Ink and Substrate testing.
The product suite includes ultra-precise sheet-to-product and R2R printing and coating systems from benchtop to high speed for all print processes. For more information contact Allen Chopyk at 410-795-2050, or email (
Vista Medical
Vista Medical’s BodiTrak Smart Fabric Sensors open a whole new way for people to interact with their world. With BodiTrak, surfaces become intelligent and comfort a reality. No more one size fits all, but solutions that really adapt to the person, increasing productivity, comfort, and health.
KnowCharge’s patented technology brings together market leading static protection with sustainability providing electronics manufacturers and component distributors, with a new ESD packaging solution that not only protects sensitive electronics, but lowers costs.
Knowcharge is committed to delivering to its customers the very best in static protection – but we’re also committed to providing our customers more value by lowering costs, helping improve process, and create value for their customers. It’s no longer just a box, or a bag – it’s a solution.
Université de Sherbrooke
Located in the province of Quebec, the Université de Sherbrooke is a French-speaking institution that offers you the ability to benefit from an academic education that is recognized and valued around the world. The university is host to more than 31,000 students and has three campuses.
SunRay Scientific
SunRay Scientific offers custom engineered interconnect solutions for advanced electronic packages. SunRay’s patented ZTACH ACA electronically conductive systems deliver cost effective miniaturization utilizing existing manufacturing infrastructure.
Sheridan College
Since 1967, Sheridan has been moving undergraduate education ahead – way ahead. With our Creative Campus approach and deep program offerings, Sheridan offers an amazing learning experience that prepares students for work and life.

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CTT Group: Adding smarts to your driver’s seat explores a future in which motorized vehicles have the embedded intelligence to decide if their operator is fit to take control. Insurance companies already offer driver monitoring tools that reward good driving habits with reduced insurance rates. Will a smart seat be next?
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