intelliFLEX Working Groups

We are looking for Members to take part in, and lead, our working groups. Use the feedback form as well to express your interest.

intelliFLEX working groups will align with our six target end-user industry verticals – Aerospace and Defence; Secure Printing; Packaging; Medical, Health and Wellness; Marketing, Advertising and Commerce; and Consumer/Wearable Electronics. In addition, we are also looking to create working groups dedicated to Materials, Components and University Research Networks.

Our intention is to build each working group with a diverse and complimentary mix of end users, technology developers and researchers. The objectives of these working groups will be to:

  • Focus on specific application areas for printable, flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE), as well as related areas for flexible and wearable electronics.
  • Work jointly with other industry partners that can connect us with end users.
  • Develop white papers that explore relevant end-user applications, and give related presentations to educate end-users in specific industry verticals.
  • Engage with end-user organizations that are drivers and early adopters of new technology to demonstrate the cost and competitive advantages PE can offer their respective industry verticals.

Ultimately, we want to see the efforts of our working groups result in FHE technology adoption product trials with a commercialization focus. Through intelliFLEX, end-users can learn how FHE can impact their respective industries, and be connected with technology developers and others to make a FHE-enabled product or application concept a reality.

And dont' forget!

If you are giving a presentation or webinar of your own that is related to printable, flexible or hybrid electronics, we kindly ask you to help us spread the word about the work and the role of the association. Contact us - we can provide a standard slide or two for your presentation deck that introduces intelliFLEX. 

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New 1-day courses in printable, flexible, hybrid electronics

Geared toward potential technology users and developers who wish to learn more about what is possible with printable, flexible or wearable electronics and how to integrate into products for a range of industries.

Get Smart Summit, Mississauga

October 17, 2017
Inaugural intelliPACK event to mobilize industry to accelerate the development and broad adoption of smart packaging innovations.


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