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Printable, flexible and hybrid electronics sector

Henkel, Holst Centre continue collaboration

Feb. 6, Printed Electronics Now: This long-term collaboration focuses on developments related to health patch technologies and products. Drawing on a range of complementary expertise, Henkel and Holst Centre will continue the development of several solutions in the...

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Myant launches SKIIN at CES

Jan. 8: SKIIN invisibly integrates technology into everyday apparel, allowing users to monitor their health and wellness. This digital intelligent interface connects every human being to self, others, the IoT and to AI. Myant expects a paradigm shift in many...

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Dr. Saad Ahmed of XENON Corp. discusses CENTAURI

Jan. 3, Printed Electronics Now: From the floor of November’s IDTechShow!/Printed Electronics USA conference, Printed Electronics Now features the results of the joint venture between intelliFLEX Member XENON and Carpe Diem Technologies for a complete roll-to-roll...

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Flexible system-on-chip for the Internet of Things

Jan. 1, Printed Electronics Now: As the ecosystem of everyday objects embedded with technology to connect, communicate and transfer information continues to expand, scientists are challenged to find ways to enable even more physical objects to become "smarter" and...

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Xerox purchases IP portfolio for Thinfilm Memory

Dec. 28: Xerox Corp., parent company of intelliFLEX Member Xerox Research Centre of Canada, has acquired an IP portfolio for Thin Film Electronics’ printed rewriteable memory labels. The latest deal builds on an existing relationship for printed memory between the two...

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Test drive our new 1-day course in printable, flexible, hybrid electronics, Toronto

September 28, 2017
Geared toward potential technology users and developers who wish to learn more about what is possible with printable, flexible or wearable electronics and how to integrate into products for a range of industries.

Get Smart Summit, Mississauga

October 17, 2017
Inaugural intelliPACK event to mobilize industry to accelerate the development and broad adoption of smart packaging innovations.