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Myant unveils cuffless smart shirt for blood pressure monitoring

Smart textile maker Myant recently showcased its new cuffless blood pressure monitoring technology inside its SKIIN Textile Computing platform. The platform integrates innovative sensor and actuator technology into fabrics, including the world's first smart garment to...

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Coca-Cola explores printed electronics on labels

Image courtesy Packaging World. Jan. 4, Packaging World: Coca-Cola Central and Eastern Europe recently partnered with Inuru, a Berlin-based OLED specialist, to create limited edition glass bottles featuring a logo that lit up when touched. According to the company, it's the...

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A wristband to detect opioid overdose

Image courtesy Health Tech Insider. Dec. 27, Health Tech Insider: Masters research students at Carnegie Mellon's Institute for Software Research have developed a new prototype wristband wearable that detects opioid overdose in the wearer, sending alerts to emergency...

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3D printed glass achieved at scale by MIT researchers

Jan. 1, Digital Journal: Technologists at the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology have invented a new type of 3D printer (the G3DP2) that can produce structured, transparent glass. The new device is described as reliable and one that can achieve a fast production rate, along...

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UK scientists develop lower cost method for printing graphene electronics

Dec. 18, University of Manchester: Scientists at the University of Manchester have developed a new way of printing graphene electronics that could be cheaper and faster than standard techniques. Current conductive inks use nanoparticles, which can be expensive or prone to...

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Airbus, Royole exploring FHE aircraft applications

Dec. 16, Xinhua: The Airbus China Innovation Centre (ACIC) and flexible electronics manufacturer Royole Corp. will begin to explore applications for flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE) in aircraft. According to a strategic Memorandum of Understanding between the two...

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Varitron acquires XCELSIA Technologies

Dec. 4, EP&T: Varitron has acquired Mirabel, QC-based XCELSIA Technologies, a manufacturing services provider specializing in electronic circuit assembly. Varitron will absorb XCELSIA’s 15 employees along with its Mirabel facility, which will be dedicated to...

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apmaTEC calls for autonomous tech proposals for autos

The apmaTEC, an initiative led by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA) and the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN), is seeking technology proposals from Ontario SMEs as it equips a fleet of connected and autonomous vehicles. Application examples...

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Nano Dimension looking to expand with $28.8M Nasdaq offering

[caption id="attachment_10836" align="alignright" width="300"] Nano Dimension's Dragonfly 2020 3D printer.[/caption] Nov. 22, 3D Printing Nano Dimension is looking to raise nearly $30M in funding, after the Israeli 3D printing company said in an SEC filing it...

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XCO Tech wins $800k in government funding for product development

CPES2018 Startup of the Year award winner XCO Tech Inc. has received $800k in funding from the Canadian federal government's Western Innovation (WINN) initiative, a program of Western Diversification Canada. The company said the funding will help accelerate the testing and...

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TF Massif supplying first-ever flexible, printed electronic banners at IDTechEx

TF Massif Technologies Ltd. will supply flexible, printed electronic theme banners at the IDTechEx! Show in Santa Clara, this Nov. 14 and 15. The RGB LED-embedded, dynamically illuminated and interactive e-banners – to be deployed for the first time ever at the IDTechEx Show!...

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Harris Corp. tests performance of 3D printed radio frequency circuits

November 8, In recent testing using Nano Dimension’s DragonFly Pro 2020 electronic circuit 3D printer, Harris Corp. discovered that the performance of 3D printed radio frequency circuits is comparable to that of circuits created using conventional manufacturing...

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Myant joins forces with Mayo Clinic for textile computing collaboration

Sept. 27, Innovation in Textiles: Myant has announced a strategic collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, to bring the latter’s patented algorithms for heart monitoring and arrythmia detection to Myant’s SKIIN Textile Computing platform. The agreement gives Myant exclusive...

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Q&A with Xerox’s Paul Smith: Merging 3D printing and printed electronics

Oct. 20, Digital Journal: Dr. Paul Smith, intelliFLEX board member and VP of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, recently sat down with Digital Journal for a Q&A on work being done at Xerox on the merging of 3D printing and printed electronics. Possible innovations include...

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Powering FHE: The case for thin, printed, flexible batteries

October 31, Printed Electronics World: As FHE and related technologies become more mainstream, the need to power flexible electronics with thin, printed, and flexible batteries that last longer has become more and more important. Battery technology has long been a limiting...

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