Is crowdfunding the right option to get your product to market?
Lessons learned by three intelliFLEX members

By Leo Valiquette

Crowdfunding is gaining popularity in Canada as a valid source of seed and growth capital to help companies get to market, but is it right for your business? We talked with three intelliFLEX Members who have crowdfunded, as well as the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA), to help answer that question.

The premise of crowdfunding is quite simple: present your project or product to the public on a platform like Kickstarter or Crowdfunder in the hope individuals will favour the idea and invest. For an industrial company, this takes more than a great idea sketched on the back of a napkin. Crowdfunding campaigns typically have dollar-amount goals that must be reached to receive any funds, and must focus on a specific deliverable due by a certain date.

(For more information on the general types of crowdfunding and links to additional resources, check out the new page on our site.)

According to the NCFA, crowdfunding volumes in Canada grew by 48 per cent from 2013 to 2015, to $133 million. That total reached an estimated $190 million in 2016. Still, the growth of the Canadian market continues to lag the U.S. and the U.K, with financing volumes during that same period reported at US$36 billion and GBP3.2 billion, respectively.

Mounting a successful crowdfunding campaign takes as much due diligence and planning as any other fundraising effort.

“You should remain open and properly research all funding options available to your business, attend educational events and workshops, connect with experts, and also speak with other entrepreneurs and businesses that traveled the same path and can provide candid advice,” said Craig Asano, the NCFA’s Founder and Executive Director.
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CPES2018 - May 23-24 in Toronto

Mark your calendar and grab your spot!

CPES2018, Canada’s premier conference and trade show exhibition for flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE), runs from May 23-24 at Centennial College’s Conference Centre in Toronto.

The CPES2018 website, with early bird registration and the call for speakers and applications for the CPES2018 Innovation Awards, will launch next week.

But don’t wait, secure your sponsorship or your tabletop exhibit now – we ran out of tabletops last year. Visit our conference site to reserve your spot.

For a taste of what’s to come at our 2018 show, here’s the video recap of CPES2017.

Update from Sector Develop Leadership Council Meeting

On October 24, we convened our second Sector Leadership Development Council at XRCC. On the agenda, our proposals for a Flexible & Hybrid Electronics (FHE) Advanced Manufacturing Institute and a Smart Textiles and Wearables Advanced Manufacturing Institute, as previously discussed in this newsletter last month.

A high-level group discussed how these institutes should operate and be governed, how they should be funded, what manufacturing and commercialization challenges they should focus on, how they align with the Government of Canada’s Superclusters Initiative, and whether the same needs can, and should, be met for the broader FHE industry with a single institute rather than two.

We have already used the results of this meeting and submitted project proposals to our supercluster partners.

We will release a more detailed plan for each institute in December. In the meantime, we continue to consult with our Members and work with our partners in industry, academia and government to chart the best road forward.

Be part of this conversation: If you have any questions or input to add, don’t hesitate to reach out to our President and CEO, Peter Kallai, at

Share your financing news for our $100 Million Industry Challenge

At CPES2017 last May, we announced the $100 Million Industry Challenge. The goal? To tally at least $100 million in disclosed investment into the sector by CPES2019.

All we ask is that you disclose any funding that you invest in research and product development, or to expand your flexible and hybrid electronics-related manufacturing operations and commercialization activities. We will not disclose your information if you do not wish us to.
This can be capital that you:
  1. Invest internally from your own cash flow for new development activities, expansion, or
  2. External equity investment such as seed, angel, private equity or venture capital investments you receive
  3. Contributions from government programs such as NRC IRAP or other federal programs that require non-repayment
  4. Other financing sources such credit lines, leases for capital equipment, issuance of debentures etc.
Send us your news release, or complete a submission form today. Any questions can be directed to Peter Kallai at

Get Smart Summit dives into challenges facing packaging/retail supply chain

In October 2017, the intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance and PAC, Packaging Consortium through their joint intelliPACK program convened a Get Smart Summit. This one-day event gathered decision-makers from across the supply chains for packaging and retail, as well as for the printable and flexible electronics (FHE) required to add intelligence to packaging, to explore the digital transformation challenges them today.

We will issue a report from the Summit in December.

NanoXplore acquires CEBO Injections to expand presence in Europe

CEBO Injections is a Swiss-based injection moulding company that serves the automotive, medical, industrial and watches manufacturing markets.  NanoXplore said the deal will allow it to demonstrate the benefits of graphene to CEBO's existing customers and provide entry into the European market to accelerate the adoption of graphene-enhanced thermoplastics.

Read the full announcement.


This content series showcases the resources, expertise and products available from intelliFLEX Members to drive the development, integration and commercialization of new solutions enabled with printable, flexible and hybrid electronics.

Check out:
Laipac Technologies’s Look Watch: The first standalone IoT-enabled watch that delivers health management and security for an aging society.

Read now
Kinesix Sports and ThermoSmart, the world’s first customizable smart-heating jacket.

Read now


Build your dream team with OPE Careers

Our industry is growing and intelliFLEX Members are hiring. Build your dream team for printable, flexible, and hybrid electronics. OPE Careers is a unique web portal to promote your career opportunities across North America and abroad.

You may have jobs posted on other sites, but only here can you get premier positioning and industry-specific exposure. For professionals and employers alike, the journey to connect talent with opportunity begins right here.

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Part-time career opportunities with intelliFLEX

We are hiring! Are you a self-motivated and dependable individual willing to work part-time from home or the local coffee shop as part of a small team that accomplishes big things? If so, consider this role:

Assistant to the CEO/Membership Coordinator (Ottawa)

Working directly with President and CEO Peter Kallai, this individual will carry out a wide range of duties, including:
  • Clerical tasks, including invoicing and onboarding new Members
  • Member communications and membership development
  • Managing our CRM database (Agile)
  • Updating content on the intelliFLEX website
  • Updating LinkedIn and Twitter accounts
  • Research
  • Other supportive duties as required
The position requires a high level of integrity, as you will likely be exposed to confidential and sensitive information.

Experience required with office productivity software, CRM systems (Agile) and the WordPress platform. Salary commensurate with experience. Hours per week to be discussed.

If interested, please contact Peter Kallai at with resume and three references.


November 21, Toronto: intelliWEAR Leadership Council

During our inaugural meeting in September, leadership council members identified key challenges currently faced by the sector.

Via networking, knowledge sharing and brainstorming, the LC intends to work on developing sustainable and highly applicable solutions. This second meeting will focus on setting the direction that the LC will follow over the next few years, including reviewing its draft mission and mandate documents, and electing its chairs (up to four co-chairs).

Anyone looking to join this cutting-edge council is encouraged to do so now, to help shape its vision.

Learn more and register.

November 27-29, Montreal: Start-up training for printable, flexible electronics

Participants will receive high-value, hands-on learning about the design, processes and materials for new product development. This training is a must-have starting point for those who want to get started with printable, flexible and hybrid electronics and learn the technical fundamentals.

The Training Program is open to anyone. intelliFLEX Members, academics, as well as members of Impression 2020 receive a 10% discount.

Learn more and register.

November 30, Ottawa: intelliPACK Leadership Council Meeting & Tour at NRC

The National Research Council of Canada and its Flagship research program in printable electronics will play host to a meeting of the intelliPACK Leadership Council. intelliPACK is a joint program of intelliFLEX and PAC Packaging Consortium intended to accelerate the development and broad adoption of smart packaging innovations.

A meeting in the morning will be followed by an afternoon tour of the NRC’s related facilities.

Full event details.

December 4-6 in Philadelphia: Presentation for IQPC

IQPC is welcoming intelliFLEX and Jones Packaging at the Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labeling conference for a two-hour presentation on smart packaging.

Members of intelliPACK and intelliFLEX can get a 20% discount code for the full event.
Contact us for a discount code or to discuss membership.

Smart Haptics 2017 – free pass up for grabs

Smart Haptics 2017 is coming to San Diego, CA on December 6-7 and will bring together multiple end-use industries including medical, automotive, mobile, VR/AR and more to explore where the haptics industry is headed.

intelliFLEX has partnered with Smart Haptics to offer a 15 per cent discount from the advertised conference rate. We also have one free event pass to give away – first come, first served.

To claim the free pass or get the discount code, please contact Leo Valiquette at


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Electric Vehicles 2018-2038: Forecasts, Analysis and Opportunities

Get forecasts and assessments of 46 vehicle categories including land, water and airborne, hybrid and pure electric. This facts-based report destroys EV myths, and quantifies new vehicles and emerging components markets.

Perovskite Photovoltaics 2018-2028

As one of the top 10 science breakthroughs of 2013, perovskite solar cells have shown potential both in rapid efficiency improvement and in cheap material and manufacturing costs. This report gives a detailed introduction on the status of these cells, both from a technology and business perspective.
Please contact Peter Kallai for the IDTechEx report promo code at

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