OTTAWA—October 26, 2017—The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance ( has added to its membership three great companies pioneering new ways to address key health needs with wearable tech.

Awake Labs ( is building technology to support collaborative care for brain and mental health disorders. Its wearable devices and applications can log behaviour, monitor progress and provide insight to help families and care teams track the efficacy of therapy and improve outcomes. Coming soon is the Reveal band, a wearable band to measure indicators of anxiety in real-time to increase independence and improve self-regulation.

Fit Assist Medical Inc. ( is the creator of the patent pending WearCare System that helps caregivers provide the right care at the right time for aging adults. WearCare is the first multi-function, wearable, reusable monitoring system for incontinence, body position and movement. The customized monitoring features of the WearCare system helps deliver a better quality of life for aging adults while reducing the risks of pressure sores and falls.

XCo ( has re-invented wearable digital products for the sport, wellness and healthcare industries. XCo’s globally recognized XPS and BioAnalytics platforms collect and intelligently interpret data to improve sport performance, concussion assessment and chronic disease management. Secondary markets for its platform are the autonomous robotics and AR/VR industries. The system includes a mobile app, analytics software, cloud data storage, and the XPS wearable tag and radio-frequency tracking hub.

“The demands of an aging population and a health-care system in need of more efficient and cost-effective forms of treatment is creating a wealth of opportunity for wearables companies,” said Peter Kallai, President and CEO of intelliFLEX. “Canadian entrepreneurs are answering this challenge and we look forward to helping them succeed.”

If you are interested in connecting with any of these companies, please contact Peter at or 613-505-4775, ext. 101 and he can facilitate an introduction.

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