intelliFLEX re-signs top sponsors NovaCentrix, Xerox

OTTAWA—October 25 2017—The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance ( will host CPES2018, Canada’s premier conference and trade show exhibition for flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE), from May 23-24 at Centennial College’s Conference Centre in Toronto.

Since last year’s event, intelliFLEX has rebranded and redefined its focus in support of our Members in all their diversity. This will be reflected in the agenda for CPES2018, as we explore all facets of FHE, including flexible, 2D and 3D printable, wearable, stretchable, smart textiles and flex-integrated circuit technologies, software and applications.

NovaCentrix, a leader in photonic curing tools, conductive inks, material and expertise for next-generation printed electronic devices, will again be our Diamond Sponsor.

The Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC), Canada’s leading materials research centre, is our first confirmed Gold Sponsor.

Building on the success of last year’s startup mentoring and pitch sessions, CPES2018 will again feature an investor panel, as well as a new Launch Pad Program for startups to demonstrate their products.

“CPES2018 is the meeting ground for those who create FHE technology, those who bring it to market and those who adopt and apply it for end uses—from startups and multinational enterprises, to researchers and academics across a wide range of industry verticals,” said Peter Kallai, CPES2018 co-chair and President and CEO of intelliFLEX. “Our attendees note that nowhere else can you find such an impressive concentration of senior decision makers and innovative organizations from across the global supply chain in such an intimate and inviting setting ideal for networking and business development.”

Over 150 organizations and 200 attendees are expected, with industry-leading speakers and keynotes from around the world. This will of course include many of our intelliFLEX member organizations that are working on a wide range of solutions to power your innovation.

In addition to two days of technical programming targeted at academics, FHE industrial companies and end-use companies, CPES2018 will feature 20 industrial exhibitors, up to 10 startups, 15 university and college technical posters and master classes.

Keep abreast of the latest news about CPES2018

The CPES2018 website, with early bird registration and the call for speakers, will launch shortly and applications will open for the CPES2018 Innovation Awards. Keep up with all the exciting developments by subscribing to intelliFLEX.

Our agenda will cover the broad spectrum of FHE technologies and the value chain required to bring innovative products and applications to market.

This includes:

  • 2D large area and 3D printable electronics
  • Advances in inks, pastes, substrates, manufacturing methods
  • Advances in flexible electronics
  • Advances in wearable electronics
  • Advances in components such as sensors, batteries, lights, displays antennas and memory.
  • Hybrid electronics that connect printable and flexible electronics with integrated circuits or traditional electronics

Applications in key end-use applications will be featured in:

  • Intelligent Packaging and Smart Retail
  • Intelligent Buildings and Connected Homes
  • Smart Parts for Automotive, Aerospace and Defence
  • Smart Textiles, Wearables for Health
  • FHE for Next-Generation Communications
  • Manufacturing 4.0 and Supply Chain applications

Companies active in these end use sectors should attend CPES2018 to meet with the innovative tech companies that are developing new applications relevant to their market space.

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