OTTAWA—November 9, 2017—The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance ( continues to expand its membership in wearables, robotics and smart textiles with innovative startups and world-leading academic research teams.

intelliFLEX has a strong roster of Members across the spectrum for printable, flexible and hybrid (FHE) electronics on the west coast, organizations that include University of British Columbia, Tangio Printed Electronics and CuePath Innovation, to name but a few.

We continue to expand the bread of this regional group with these new Members:

The Menrva Research Group ( at Simon Fraser University is an international and multicultural research group led by Carlo Menon, Professor, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair and MSFHR Scholar, that focuses on smart materials (artificial muscles, polymer-based micro/nano sensors), biomedical wearable technology and biorobotics (soft robotics, exoskeletons, human-machine interfaces). The Menrva Research Group looks forward to sharing knowledge and ideas with fellow intelliFLEX Members to support this important area of research and development, and to facilitate translation of research discoveries and prototypes to market.

Movit ( can make everything you wear smart. This Vancouver company has developed a unique intelligent thread that will allow you to track every activity of your body. The thread can be seamlessly integrated into any piece of clothing and provide advanced analytics without the need to wear any device but your clothes. Movit is looking for partnership and market development opportunities with fellow intelliFLEX Members, as well as venture capital funding.

“There is wealth of exciting research and new product development taking place on the west coast that promises to put Canada on the map for FHE technologies,” said Peter Kallai, President and CEO of intelliFLEX. “We look forward to working with Menrva, Movit and all the great organizations that have joined us in British Columbia.”

If you are interested in connecting with Menrva, Movit or any of our other Members, please contact Peter at or 613-505-4775, ext. 101 and he can facilitate an introduction.

About intelliFLEX

To become a Member of intelliFLEX, please contact Peter Kallai, President and CEO, at or +1 613-505-4775, ext. 101.

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