Making a splash at Canada’s top printing event

By Peter Kallai

We are pleased to report an enthusiastic response to our appearance earlier this month at Graphics Canada Expo – Canada’s longest running showcase for the graphic arts and commercial printing industry.

This event is usually attended by brand owners, large printing companies, packaging companies, label companies looking for new packaging and print solutions as well as technology and equipment suppliers hoping to meet the needs of innovative companies seeking new solutions.

Printable, flexible and wearable electronics (PE) have of course had a tight relationship with the printing industry. Conductive inks can be applied to many substrates through fast and inexpensive automated processes just like those used to produce newspapers, magazines and paper-based packaging.
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Xerox CEO: Our journey from paper docs to printed electronics

In an interview last week with Tech Republic, Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson discusses how the company will transcend it roots, and emerge from a declining industry by investing in new technologies. He acknowledges that Xerox needs to change tack, to refocus its efforts on areas in print where demand is growing, not falling. One area is printed electronics, where Xerox has already developed smart labels for packaging.

“We're in the very early stages, but that's where we're placing our bets right now,” Jacobson said, adding the technology will play a role in accelerating the Internet of Things, particularly to embed computing, storage and sensors into 3D-printed objects.

Xerox is a member of the CPEIA through the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, which is headed by the Chair of the CPEIA Board of Directors, Paul Smith.

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Ontario Government recognizes flexible electronics as a priority sector

As we announced last week, the CPEIA has secured funding support from the Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Economic Development and Growth – the first provincial government in Canada to recognize the value of this manufacturing sector to the nation’s innovation-driven economy.

The Government of Ontario will support the growth and execution of seven CPEIA events in Ontario through to the end of 2017. These events include CPES (, Canada’s premier conference and trade show exhibition for printable, flexible and wearable electronics (PE).

“Our government recognizes that technological innovation is a huge creator of economic value and a driver of competitive advantage,” said Brad Duguid, Minister of Economic Development and Growth. “We are pleased to support this emerging manufacturing sector because we know it has the potential to change Ontario’s innovation landscape and fuel economic growth in the province.”

Ontario has taken a huge stride to recognize the importance of our industry and endorse the CPEIA as a credible partner organization that is working hard to grow the province’s economy. We deeply appreciate the support of the Government of Ontario. This grant will enable us to continue in our efforts to create business opportunities, increase investments, and generate new jobs and prosperity for Ontario.

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Check our new Application Notes series

We have launched a new content series to showcase the resources and products available from CPEIA Members to drive the development, integration and commercialization of new PE-enabled solutions.

Our App Notes can be accessed from our Publications page.

Check out:

Visit our new Video Library

The CPEIA has launched a video library where we collect and showcase the great work of our Members, as well as interviews and recaps from CPEIA events.

Visit the library for great content such as NovaCentrix demonstrating how it can cure copper ink in milliseconds with its PulseForge line of processing tools. 

Is your video here? Any CPEIA Member is welcome to submit their video content for inclusion using the form on the Video Library webpage. Our goal is to explore technology, innovation and compelling products that are hitting the market.

Build your dream team with OPE Careers

Our industry is growing and CPEIA Members are hiring. Build your dream team for printable, flexible, and wearable electronics. OPE Careers is a unique web portal to promote your career opportunities across North America and abroad.

You may have jobs posted on other sites, but only here can you get premier positioning and industry-specific exposure. For professionals and employers alike, the journey to connect talent with opportunity begins right here.

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Research Officer, Nanomaterials
National Research Council Canada - Ottawa, ON

Industrial Designer & UX Designer
Myant - Toronto, ON

Software Engineer 2
Non-Credit Instructor: Introduction to Wearable Media
OCAD University - Toronto, QC

Embedded Software Engineer
Form Athletica - Vancouver, BC System

Validation Engineer
Intel - Vancouver, BC


IEEE 30th Annual CCECE conference, April 30 to May 3, Windsor

IEEE’s Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (IEEE 2017 CCECE) is the flagship Canadian conference for researchers, students, and professionals in the area of Electrical and Computer Engineering. It is held annually in a Canadian city to disseminate research advancements and discoveries, network and exchange ideas, strengthen existing partnerships, and foster new collaborations. IEEE 2017 CCECE’s general theme “Two Great Nations Innovate the Technology” reflects the close direct impact of ECE research on industrialization and the position of Windsor as a U.S. border city.

Visit the CCECE site for more information on the conference and speaking submissions.

We’ve added some more great exhibitors for CPES2017
Are you coming?

Register today for CPES2017, Canada’s premier conference and trade show exhibition for printable, flexible and wearable electronics (PE) taking place May 24-26 at Centennial College in Toronto.

We have just added the following new exhibitors:
  • Henkel, a key materials supplier in the printable electronics industry, where it offers conductive inks, protective coatings and laminating adhesives.
  • Myant, a design and technology hub created for inventors, startups and established companies and brands to advance in the wearable technology market.
  • Sun Chemical, the world’s largest ink producer, known for nanosilver inks designed for use with inkjet and aerosol jet systems in the development of printed antennas and sensors.
  • Voltera, creator of the Voltera V-One, a desktop solution for printing circuit boards, dispensing solder paste, and reflowing components, allowing you to go from concept to creation in minutes.
Some sponsorship opportunities and tabletop exhibit spaces are still available. Learn more at the CPES2017 website.

CPES2017 is the place for technology developers, industrial companies and end-users to meet and discuss how they can work together to commercialize new products and applications for printable, flexible and wearable electronics. Academic researchers can discover how they can link their research to market needs and opportunities.

And don’t forget about our optional Day 3 activities, new this year. Attend Master Classes on various technical subjects, or take part in our Startup Mentoring and Financing Panel.
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Calling on CPEIA Full Members: Don’t miss our AGM on May 24

Any attendee of CPES2017 is welcome to attend the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the CPEIA which takes place at the end of Day 1 of the conference at Centennial College. But to achieve quorum and avoid a costly rescheduling, we need Full Members of the CPEIA to take part.

As part of the Agenda, we will review proposals approved by the Board of Directors that will determine the strategic direction of the CPEIA and guide our efforts to secure additional funding support from government.

We also have two seats to fill on the Board and may expand the Board by one or two additional seats if we receive strong applications.

Submit a Board nomination

Full Members of the CPEIA can RSVP to confirm their attendance, or complete a Proxy to delegate their vote to President and CEO Peter Kallai, at the AGM web page.

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Ontario first to recognize PE industry as a priority with substantial event funding

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Sun Chemical joins the CPEIA
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