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By Leo Valiquette

Summer has ended. It’s time to build something new in Canada’s printable, flexible and wearable electronics industry.

At CPES2016 at Sheridan College in April, we canvassed the audience about interest levels in developing programs for specific industry verticals. Based on the strong response we received for intelligent buildings and connected homes, the CPEIA is considering adding a leadership council to our intelliBUILD program. This council will be comparable to the one we already have for our intelligent packaging program, intelliPACK.

The intelliPACK Leadership Council has been a success for one reason – players from across that industry supply chain are coming to the table and working together. These include materials, technology and packaging companies, retail marketers and major consumer brands.

Would you like to be a member of the intelliBUILD Leadership Council?

Now is the time to step up. We need industry people willing to dedicate time and resources on a volunteer basis.

But even if you or your organization isn’t yet ready to take this step, we still want to hear from you. We need you to tell us how you are involved in this space and what a leadership council can do for you.

Tell us how you are involved in this space and if you are interested in taking part in a leadership council using this form.

The objective of an intelliBUILD Leadership Council is to bring together industry leaders from across the value chain – materials and subcomponents manufacturers and developers, integrators and end users – to accelerate technology commercialization. Our primary targets are industrial firms involved in developing or commercializing products and applications enabled with PE for the intelligent building or connected home, as well as the organizations that will adopt or deploy them.

CABA is in our corner

CABA logoWe have already laid the cornerstone, by working with the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) to make contacts in the industry and develop the two white papers that we launched at CPES2016 as primers to understand where PE and intelligent buildings/connected homes intersect. We will continue to work with CABA members through intelliBUILD.

By conservative estimates, there are some 120 organizations across North America that fit in this market space. Our goal is to bring 10 to 12 of them onto the council and build relationships with the rest.

We expect the council to meet in person or by teleconference every two months. Our objective in the first year will be to map out the industry, to understand who is doing what in the Canadian market and which organizations outside of Canada are of interest to the domestic supply chain. We will identify the low-hanging fruits in terms of entry points for PE-enabled products and applications and build from there. One example is lighting, where our membership is already active. Another is photovoltaics, where we are working with the National Research Council of Canada to host a workshop in early 2017 that will map out this part of the Canadian value chain.

A team approach is crucial for our success and yours. We’ve already seen involvement with the intelliPACK Leadership Council open doors on new business opportunities for participants.

We want to hear from you

If you want to build your business, this kind of initiative can add value to your firm. Use this form to tell us how you are involved in this space and if you are interested in taking part.

CPEIA President and CEO Peter Kallai is always available to chat at or 613-795-8181.
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intelliPACK Leadership Council reports a great first year

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Next week in Niagara at PAC’s annual conference, PAC to the Future, intelliPACK co-Chairs Christina Cvetan (Unilever) and Jeffery Moore (Atlantic Packaging) will present on the program’s 2015/16 accomplishments.

The council has been quite active, meeting every six weeks on average and forging ahead on a number of fronts. Here are the highlights:
  • Following the first intelliPACK workshop last fall at XRCC, the council produced a white paper that explores the product life cycle and potential uses of intelligent packaging enabled with printable and flexible electronics within each of the life cycle categories. The white paper was made available to CPEIA and PAC members and widely read.
  • Created a Leadership Council membership that is a unique, diverse and balanced network representing the value chain, with continued recruitment to fill in key spots to provide a multi-disciplinary perspective. Transparent collaboration among the members is thriving.
  • Continuing education of council members about the world of smart packaging, emerging markets, and new tools and opportunities. This includes insight into emerging trends and the development of a Technology Roadmap.
  • Identified about 120 organizations in North America active in the industry’s value chain.
  • Developed the council’s guiding principles (Vision/Mission/Goals).
  • More than 10 articles featuring intelliPACK and the activities of its members were published in industry and technology publications.
  • Three use cases developed.

intelliPACK has a full slate of activities on deck through the fall and into next spring.

This year’s dedicated intelliPACK workshop takes place in Montreal on October 25 and is now open for registration.

We are also active at other industry events with workshops, presentations and exhibits, such as at the PAC to the Future conference next week and the Graphics Canada 2017 expo in Toronto in April 2017.

We thank all Council Members who continue to push forward and volunteer their time.
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Our Members have been opening doors for us

While we did take a summer break, we still signed nine new Members over the past two months, thanks to the efforts of existing Members who continue to open doors for us and give prospects confidence in the value of joining the CPEIA.

We’ve announced five of these new Members in recent weeks – EMD Performance Materials, 3M, Array Marketing, PCAS Canada, and Wibicom. We would like to thank Michelle Chretien of XRCC, a member of our advisory board, for introducing us to EMD, Howard Campbell of Memtronik Innovations for introducing us to Array Marketing, and Haridoss Sarma, another member of our advisory board, for his continued efforts to build bridges with Canada’s college network. In coming weeks, we will announce our other new Members, which include:
  • Brilliant Matters Organic Electronics
  • Information Mediary Corp.
  • Red River College
  • Tech-Access Canada
We are building the ecosystem on the strength of member referrals. If there is anyone in your network or among your customers or partners you believe would be a good fit for CPEIA membership, please contact Peter Kallai at
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We have made it easy for you to submit your news to us for the News and Events sections of our website and this newsletter.

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Thinfilm, Jones Packaging deliver NFC OpenSense tags to pharma packaging

Jones and Thinfilm are integrating smart technology into product packaging and delivering the solution to global pharmaceutical companies.

Check out the YouTube video.

Thalmic Labs raises US$120M for wearable tech

Thalmic Labs has raised US$120 million in funding after launching the Myo armband, to drive the continued growth of the company and its team. This is the largest VC round for a Canadian startup this year and speaks to the growing prominence of wearable technology – an industry that boasts many dynamic Canadian companies.

The Myo armband is a wearable gesture control and motion control device that lets you take control of your phone, computer and other devices, touch free.

Read the full article.

Canada – Germany joint industrial R&D projects - Call for proposals

Germany and Canada have announced a call for proposals for joint industrial R&D projects focusing on developing innovative products, processes, or technology-based services in all technological and application areas which have strong market potential.

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) will provide access to public funding for joint projects through the BMWi’s ZIM program (Central Innovation Program for SMEs) in Germany, and through the NRC’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) in Canada.

The application deadline is Nov. 30. Click here to learn more and apply.

FUJIFILM Dimatix launches new materials printer

FUJIFILM Dimatix’s new DMP-2850 features enhanced performance for technology development in printed electronics, displays and beyond, with an upgraded and enhanced version of the industry-leading inkjet deposition research platform, the DMP-2831.

Read the full announcement.


TUKU use case cover to downloadintelliPACK Use Case: TUKU empowers products to sell themselves for Scholar’s Choice

A retail brand has many channels through which to capture awareness and engage with consumers – social media, web and mobile e-commerce portals, and email campaigns.

But what happens once the consumer walks in the store?

Learn how CPEIA Member TUKU, a market leader in the emerging contactless proximity marketing space, worked with educational retailer Scholars Choice to create an in-store media channel that can communicate one-to-one brand messages to consumers’ mobile devices from any retail display that catches their interest.

Download the Use Case.

CPEIA seeks compelling case studies – just like TUKU’s

Are you actively bringing to market products, technologies or applications with printable, flexible or wearable electronics?

We are looking to document and promote compelling stories related to product development and commercialization in any industry vertical. We want stories where the product is near to, or in the market. Tell us what problems you are solving for end-users, how your solution is different and unique, what market traction you have already achieved.

We will showcase the best stories on the CPEIA site and consider opportunities where the case study could be placed with an industry publication.

In fact, look at what we achieved just last week with Packaging Digest Magazine on behalf of three CPEIA Members.

We make the process as painless as possible. To get started, please contact Leo Valiquette at

Would you like to host a tour of your facility?

The CPEIA works with its Members to host tours that provide promotional opportunities for the host venue and give attendees exclusive access to a world-class facility. We want to create a networking forum for like-minded individuals to connect in a non-competitive, non-threatening and education environment.

This is done by educating specific audiences on aspects of the development, prototyping, integration and manufacturing of printable, flexible or wearable electronics products and applications, with inside looks at related companies, production facilities, place of use facilities (e.g. long-term care facility), R&D facilities, materials science labs and process development labs.

To learn more, download the CPEIA Facility Tour Guidelines, or contact Peter Kallai at
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Pac of the Future event2016 PAC to the Future Conference, September 28-29, Niagara

What emerging packaging innovations and technologies will flourish in 2025? Internet of Things, omni-channel, big data, analytics, virtual, 3D, digital printing, smart, interactive, robotics, artificial intelligence, computer-aided design, drones, technical and biological nutrients and nanotechnology are keywords that are now relevant to the packaging industry.

intelliPACK, the joint program of PAC and CPEIA, will have two presentations on smart packaging to give CPEIA and PAC Members an update on intelliPACK’s progress on increasing the adoption of the smart packaging in North America.

Learn more and register.

Innovation 360, October 17, Montreal

This is Canada’s largest annual gathering of micro-nanotechnology innovators from academia, industry, government and complementary organizations. This year’s event takes place Monday, October 17 in Montréal, and the theme is Integrate to Innovate – Advanced Technology Manufacturing.

Hosted by CMC Microsystems, Innovation 360 includes a CEO roundtable and panel discussions by startups and micro-nanotechnology laboratories on advanced technology manufacturing. A special highlight is the annual TEXPO Competition and Exhibition of graduate students and entrepreneurs, who demonstrate working prototypes of their novel, sophisticated technologies.

Learn more and register.

intelliPACK Smart Packaging Workshop, October 25, Montreal

Women shopping
Consumer brands need a fresh competitive edge to stand out on a crowded store shelf. Intelligent packaging options capable of wireless communication can engage with consumers and provide key product information, tips and advice, to turn shoppers into buyers.

This workshop is your opportunity to learn about the new emerging trends and developments in intelligent packaging to increase sales, protect your brand, and track products through the supply chain.

Come and engage with members from both PAC and CPEIA, technology companies, retailers, brand owners, and learn how PE-related technologies or applications can be integrated into packaging.

See how you can increase sales with smart packaging!

Learn more and register

IDTechEx Show, November 16-17, Santa Clara, CA

Grow your business at the world's largest end-user focused event on emerging technologies, from 3D printing and printable electronics, to energy harvesting and wearables – nine shows under one roof.

Learn more and register.

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