CME brass get inside look at Canada’s printable electronics capabilities

CPEIA, CME sign MOU to lever the strengths of Canada’s manufacturing, export sectors

Printable and Organic Electronics is an emerging manufacturing platform for high-volume, low-cost and automated production of a variety of electronic components.  New features and functionality can be added to existing products and applications in a variety of ways, and in a host of market verticals.

Engaging with Canada’s manufacturers, product companies and exporters who can develop, produce and move product in volume is fundamental to building a strong domestic industry that can turn  this vast potential into commercial reality.
It’s for this reason that the CPEIA has engaged with Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME), the largest trade and industry association in the country.

Last week, CPEIA and CME signed a memorandum of understanding. Much like the similar agreement the CPEIA signed last month with the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA), the intent is twofold – education and enablement.
“To create world-class products and applications enabled with Printable and Organic Electronics, we must lever Canada’s product manufacturing sectors,” said Peter Kallai, Executive Director for CPEIA. “With CME’s industry clout, we can better educate manufacturers and product companies across Canada in a host of industry verticals about the new business opportunities provided by Printable and Organic Electronics and connect them with technology innovators, many of which are already CPEIA members.

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CPES2015CPES2015 full Program now available

April 21 to 22, 2015

The CPEIA has assembled a broad and diverse roster of speakers for the 2015 Canadian Printable Electronics Symposium.
In addition to keynotes from global industry leaders like Dr. Stephen Hoover of PARC, a Xerox Company, and Jennifer Ernst of Thin Film Electronics ASA, attendees will see a wide range of presentations that address market verticals such as health, aerospace and defence, packaging, wireless communications, consumer electronics and photovoltaics.

These will feature major multinational and international companies that are heavily invested in developing the next-generation processes, materials and equipment vital to the growth of the global industry, such as FUJIFILM Dimatix, NovaCentrix and Arjo Wiggins Creative Papers.

A number of innovative small and medium-sized Canadian companies that are defining the future of Printable and Organic Electronics will showcase their latest developments. CPES2015 has also drawn presentations from a wide range of universities across Canada, as well as the country’s top public sector organizations in Printable and Organic Electronics development and commercialization.

View the full program here or see the attached PDF. 

Register now! Don’t miss your chance to get involved and make vital business connections. 
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Help shape the NRC’s future research priorities

(Deadline to participate in online exercise, Feb. 20)
The National Research Council of Canada is undertaking a Game-Changing Technologies initiative to identify technology areas that could have revolutionary impacts on Canadian prosperity and the lives of Canadians over the next 20 to 30 years.
Through a process that started six months ago, NRC has identified challenges and opportunities critical to Canada’s future, in which technology can play a defining role. The next step is to refine our understanding of these challenges and opportunities through a web-based exercise, in order to select opportunities that will be further developed.
This online exercise will seek insights from a diverse range of thought-leaders from industry, academia, government, innovation agencies, social groups and non-profit organizations across Canada. Outcomes of this initiative will help shape NRC’s investment strategy in emerging technologies, and identify key players with whom strategic partnerships are critical for success.
If you would like to take part in this online exercise, please register.

University R&D network seeks private sector partners

Smart Print Canada is a proposed initiative, which involves 11 leading universities and is supported by the CPEIA. This initiative is aimed at combining private sector funding with government funding to undertake research and development of smart labels with university partners under the direction of industry.
This seven-year program will tackle key technological hurdles in materials, processes and components.
If you are a private sector company interested in participating, please contact CPEIA Executive Director Peter Kallai at

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CME partners with printable electronics association

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CPES2015 unveils keynote speaker lineup
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