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Flexible and Hybrid Electronics, FHE for short, is the toolbox for building, not just the Internet of Things, but the Internet of Everything, to create:

Smart surfaces for automotive and aircraft to sense occupants, provide touch surfaces, add biological and gas sensing, or provide surface heating and energy harvesting elements

Smart clothing that can monitor your vitals and other wearable tech for health, wellness and personal safety

Sensor technologies needed for autonomous vehicles and to monitor anything from a commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to your kitchen toaster

Smart packaging to drive new ways to manage the entire retail supply chain

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

In this one-day workshop, we review the supply chain for creating and integrating FHE componentry into your products and applications. Through videos, case studies, group exercises and interactive discussions, we explore the technology, its applications, and where FHE-enabled products are already in the market, or soon will be.

Who should attend

Potential technology users and developers who wish to learn more about what is possible with FHE and how to integrate these components into products for a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, intelligent buildings, medical, health care and industrial.

“The FHE course was very helpful in providing an overview of the many different technologies and processes now available in the field of printed electronics. The course also supplied practical examples and explained how hybrid and flexible electronics can be used as building blocks in complete solutions. It is well-thought-out program and supplies plenty of reference materials to use when delving into specifics. I would recommend it to anyone interested in this sector.”

— Howard Campbell, Business Development
   Memtronik Innovations

What participants say

“This is a great course where one can get a broad perspective on FHE and explore the available opportunities and know-how of the industry.”

— Rakesh Sahu, Post-Doctoral Fellow, McMaster University

“Perfect opportunity to soft-land into the printable/flexible electronics industry through the content and chapter modules of this course.”

Edward Jerjian, Founder and Project Engineer, Acquire Industries

“A great crash course that provides a general understanding of this exciting industry and its trends.”

Ahmer Beg, Founder and CEO, Authentic or Not

About Us

intelliFLEX, a not-for-profit industry alliance, is a vital partner for accelerating the growth of the printable, flexible and hybrid electronics sector of more than 300 organizations across Canada. Our technologies add intelligence and connect ordinary objects to enable the Internet of Everything.

We unite our growing global membership to build an effective ecosystem of supply chains for flexible, 3D printable electronics, 2D large area printable electronics, wearable electronics, smart textiles and hybrid electronics including related semiconductors, integrated circuits and software.

Our programs accelerate the adoption of these innovations for Smart Packaging and Retail, Intelligent Buildings and Connected Homes, Aerospace and Defence, Automotive and Industrial Applications, Health and Wellness, Intelligent Documents and Wearables.

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