One-Day Course Smart Packaging for Managers

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intelliFLEX delivers this course in partnership with PAC. We dive into the rapidly growing market for active and intelligent packaging (“smart packaging”) that is enabled by Flexible and Hybrid Electronics (FHE). While this course is non-technical, it will touch on the key technologies involved for smart packaging.

Today’s consumer is in the retail driver’s seat, empowered and informed like never before by digital and mobile technologies. Senior executives across the supply chain must invest in digital transformation for their businesses to remain relevant.

Product packaging and in-store retail displays – remade as intelligent devices to collect, store and transmit data – have a pivotal role to replay. Such connectivity is already yielding a paradigm shift across the retail supply chain, to better manage logistics, prevent product theft, spoilage, tampering and counterfeiting, and to turn the humble package into a digital marketing platform to achieve new levels of consumer engagement.

What you will learn

  • Definitions of active and intelligent packaging solutions and the eco-system involved in their delivery
  • Major shifts in consumer and market trends that impact the future of FMCG product marketing and retail
  • Applications and use case examples throughout the value chain, from production to inventory management, to consumer interaction and recycling
  • Core technologies involved, including interactive software solutions
  • How to utilize the data for insights and increased sales for your products
  • Key players in active and intelligent packaging and smart retail
  • Solutions that you could develop and implement in your business
  • Lessons learned from brand owners, packaging companies and retailers

Who should attend

  • Companies involved in the production of food & beverage, personal care, healthcare, pharmaceuticals
  • Packaging companies involved in medical device packaging, automotive, industrial product packaging and other verticals
  • Brand owners, packaging converters and material suppliers
  • Consultants and analysts
  • Technology companies and government organizations interested in developing better insight into applications for this market
  • Research organizations planning to develop solutions for this market

In partnership with:

intelliFLEX and PAC, the Packaging Consortium

What participants say

“The intelliPACK course provides an excellent grounding of the technologies, materials, and applications of smart packaging. It also provides the critical information to build the business case — why this added intelligence matters across the supply chain, from manufacturers, to brand owners and retailers.”

— James Downham, President and CEO, PAC

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