Be part of North America’s only dedicated business network for smart packaging/retail

OTTAWA— Feb. 02, 2017—The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association ( and PAC, Packaging Consortium ( have launched intelliPACK, a smart packaging innovation accelerator.

Gain first mover advantage by joining North America’s only dedicated network to accelerate the development and broad adoption of smart packaging innovations.

intelliPACK was developed by 16 industry organizations as a collaboration between PAC and the CPEIA. Co-chaired by Unilever and Atlantic Packaging, the intelliPACK Leadership Council has evolved from an idea into North America’s only business network with a vision as a smart packaging innovation accelerator.

Today we are pleased to announce an open invitation for those interested in participating in this exciting packaging initiative.

The intelliPACK Purpose

The intelliPACK definition of smart packaging is an active or intelligent interactive packaging system that delivers benefits and added functionality to the value chain.

Our goal is to accelerate the development and broad adoption of smart packaging innovations.

“Through the intelliPACK Leadership Council, industrial companies can be the first to gain unique market insights and accelerate the development of their smart packaging and retail solutions,” said Mark Majewski, President and CEO of the CPEIA.” This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your network with the top players from across the eco-system and build relationships that will power your firm’s competitive advantage.”

“Smart packaging innovation is in its dynamic infancy,” said James Downham, President & CEO of PAC. “Marketers want security and to excite and engage consumers with their products. Others in the supply chain want compliance, and quicker and easier access to information. These new expectations require packaging companies to consider how a package or retail display can become a digitally connected device. Our vision is clear for intelliPACK.”

Cost of entry is low while value is high. All PAC and CPEIA members are welcome to join.

Companies and research institutions that hold membership in both the CPEIA and PAC can join the Leadership Council at no cost.

Members of either PAC or the CPEIA can join at an annual cost of $500. This modest investment will be used to fund an active slate of programing intended to educate and generate new business and new opportunities for members.

2017 program activities for intelliPACK include a webinar, a training workshop and a summit to educate industry and build linkages across the supply chain. A facilities tour of printable and flexible electronics capability will be held at the National Research Council of Canada. Project team opportunities will also be forthcoming. For organizations that are currently not a PAC or a CPEIA member, those respective association benefits include full value-added industry-related activities. See below for more information.

You also get to work alongside the organizations that created the intelliPACK guidelines and purpose: Anthem Worldwide, Array Marketing, Atlantic Packaging, DuPont, Emterra Group, ITEGA, Jones Packaging, Molson Coors Brewing Co., National Research Centre of Canada (NRC), Printability and Graphic Communications Institute (ICI), Sun Chemical Corp., TUKU and Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC).

To learn more about intelliPACK and access use cases and our whitepaper, please visit  or

Get in touch

To become a Member of the CPEIA, please contact Mark Majewski, President and CEO, at or +1 613-795-8181.

The CPEIA also has opportunities for corporate and media sponsorships of our programs and events.

Media inquiries can be directed to Leo Valiquette, Director of Programs, at or +1 613-769-9479.

About PAC

PAC, Packaging Consortium is a not-for-profit corporation, founded in 1950. PAC is North American-centric with global access. PAC advocates for all materials and for package neutrality through an all-inclusive, transparent and collaborative process. Our 2,300 members come from all sectors of the packaging value chain, from start of life to next life. Our networking process includes PAC webinars, seminars, conferences, competitions, facility tours, education programs, trade shows, technical work groups and social activities.

For further information and media inquiries, please contact James D. Downham, President and CEO, at

About Us

intelliFLEX, a not-for-profit industry alliance, is a vital partner for accelerating the growth of the printable, flexible and hybrid electronics sector of more than 300 organizations across Canada. Our technologies add intelligence and connect ordinary objects to enable the Internet of Everything.

We unite our growing global membership to build an effective ecosystem of supply chains for flexible, 3D printable electronics, 2D large area printable electronics, wearable electronics, smart textiles and hybrid electronics including related semiconductors, integrated circuits and software.

Our programs accelerate the adoption of these innovations for Smart Packaging and Retail, Intelligent Buildings and Connected Homes, Aerospace and Defence, Automotive and Industrial Applications, Health and Wellness, Intelligent Documents and Wearables.

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