Canada steps up at industrys leading conference

OTTAWA—November 19 2014—The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (, the united voice of Canada’s Printable Electronics sector, wishes to congratulate Canada’s Raymor Industries Inc. for taking the prestigious Technical Development Materials Award at Printed Electronics USA 2014.

The CPEIA, along with Raymor, is attending the Printed Electronics USA conference as part of a Canadian delegation led by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). This conference, the largest of its kind dedicated to Printable Electronics (PE), runs today and tomorrow at the Santa Clara Convention Center, in Santa Clara, CA.

The Materials Award, one of five handed out at the conference, is given to the most significant technical development over the last 12 months in the field of material development. A material is defined as any consumable used in the manufacturing of a printed electronic device, for example substrates and fluids/inks.

Raymor took the prize for its work to create carbon nanotube-based commercial products through its NanoIntegris and Nanotech divisions. The materials were co-developed by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), Canada’s leading PE R&D organization, and then commercialized by Raymor. The product, ‘IsoSol-100’ is the highest-ever purity semiconducting carbon nanotube ink that is produced using a truly scalable route: copolymer extraction. It is used for bio and gas sensing, display drivers and transistor switches.

“This is a win for our team as well as our partners and customers who have helped us to develop world-class products that put Canada on the PE map,” said Jacques Mallette, Director of Operations at Raymor Industries. “There is a huge opportunity in this emerging market for Canadian firms to step up and lead, much like they did in the early days of the photonics industry in the 1990s.”

“Raymor is just one example of the kind of innovative foundational research and commercial development underway in Canada for the global PE industry,” said Peter Kallai, Executive Director of the CPEIA. “With our impressive contingent and eye-catching Pavilion, Canada is staking its claim in this exciting industry at Printed Electronics USA. I want to congratulate the Raymor team on this impressive milestone.”

The conference’s Canada Pavilion is attracting a lot of attention and traffic. It features a cross-section of Canada’s PE ecosystem, with Raymor, NanoIntegris, CPEIA, NRC, 1-Material, CSA Group, GGI International, Printability and Graphic Communications Institute (ICI), OMsignal and the Xerox Research Centre of Canada. As a special treat, the NRC has even sponsored an ice hockey demo area at the conference, complete with hockey jerseys illuminated with PE components.

Visit the CPEIA at the conference’s Canadian Pavilion, Booth G18.


Established in 2014, the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA) brings together key Canadian and international players in industry, academia and government to build a strong Canadian PE sector. The Association is the united voice for the sector and implements critical development strategies to facilitate growth through networking, stimulate R&D and investment, build a strong PE supply chain and drive the broad adoption of PE by end customers.

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