Centennial College, Toronto May 23-24, 2018

3rd ANNUAL CPES Innovation Awards

The CPES Innovation Awards feature three award categories, to recognize achievements in

  1. Research Innovation
  2. Industrial Commercialization 
  3. Startup the Year
  4. Women in STEM

In keeping with the themes and focus of CPES, award applicants should highlight collaboration across the industry ecosystem between various industry and R&D players, to address real needs in various market verticals.

Only Members in good standing of intelliFLEX may apply.

Winners will be announced during an awards ceremony on the afternoon of May 23 at CPES. Start-up of the Year will be announced May 24, following the Mentoring Session. Winners will be profiled and showcased in Canada and promoted to the global industry.

CPES Innovation Award

AWARD Categories

Research Innovation 

For a research project completed in the past year into underlying technical principles, the proof of concept, that can enable the development of new and innovative products and applications for printable, flexible or wearable electronics.  Such proof of concept has been validated and tested and is ready for commercialization. Eligible are Canadian universities, not-for-profit R&D organizations and colleges.

Emphasis will be placed on projects that were carried out in collaboration with industry partners, where there is evidence of:

  • Your technology working
  • The significance of the problem that the invention is solving for the user
  • A broad market need
  • Unique competitive advantages of the innovative solution

Most Innovative New Product/Commercialization

This applies to a device, product, material or application that involves or enables printable, flexible or wearable electronics. The award is open to any for-profit organization of any size.

The product must have become commercially available within the past 12 months. Nominations must describe:

  • Your product and the problem it’s solves for the customer
  • The value proposition – what benefits your product delivers to the customer and evidence of the broader market need it is intended to address
  • The size of its expected addressable market
  • The product’s unique competitive advantages

Startup of the Year

Following our Financing and Mentoring sessions – our mentors will select the best pitch company to win Startup of the Year.

Only companies participating in Startup Launchpad are eligible for this award.

Women in FHE STEM

This award is intended to recognize industry leadership and professional/business and/or technical accomplishment by an individual from either industry or academia. The recipient will have a proven record of achievement that employs their expertise in science/technology/engineering related to flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE).

Note this is not intended as a lifetime achievement award.

To qualify for consideration, a nominee must operate, or be employed by, an organization that is a Member in good standing of intelliFLEX.

Nominees are also asked to provide pictures, as well as information that  demonstrates market uptake. This can include metrics around end user adoption, and user volumes and applications in target market verticals. Confidential financial data is not required, but can be provided to strengthen the nomination. Judges will look for success in terms of products sold and revenues generated, as well as impact on the marketplace and society at large. Large-scale deployment is an important consideration for this award. Please note that the awards committee will keep any competitive or financial information submitted confidential.




















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