Centennial College, Toronto May 23-24, 2018

Women in FHE STEM

We support diversity and recognize its value to drive an industry forward. The organizing committee for CPES2018 continues our tradition of having strong female leadership, which is reflected on intelliFLEX’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board, as well as by our outreach efforts when seeking board nominations.

Our new Women in Flexible and Hybrid Electronics (FHE) STEM program at CPES2018 will feature our first Women in FHE STEM Award, as well as a special breakfast session where women in our industry will discuss how best to nurture greater female involvement across our industry ecosystem through intelliFLEX programs.

Women in FHE STEM Networking Breakfast

The Networking Breakfast will take place on May 24. This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of, and to shape, the conversation. We expect attendees at the breakfast will generate ideas to grow diversity across the industry which can be integrated into intelliFLEX programs and other events.

Location and breakfast chair to be announced. If you are a woman in the industry who would like to attend, please RSVP.

We are also seeking a sponsor for the breakfast. For more information, please contact Marie Bilodeau at mbilodeau@intelliflex.org

CPES2018 Women in FHE STEM Award

This award is intended to recognize industry leadership and professional/business and/or technical accomplishment by an individual from either industry or academia. The recipient will have a proven record of achievement that employs their expertise in science/technology/engineering related to flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE).

Note this is not intended as a lifetime achievement award.

To qualify for consideration, a nominee must operate, or be employed by, an organization that is a Member in good standing of intelliFLEX.

The winner will be announced on Day 2 of CPES2018, May 24, along with our Innovation Award winners.

Please review the nomination criteria and submit a nomination.

Nomination criteria

Business and/or Technical Accomplishments of the Nominee (up to 500 words) worth 20 points

Describe the nominee’s business/technical accomplishments. Please be as specific as possible, using quantifiable figures when possible. Point form answers are acceptable.

For example, stating that “The nominee oversaw a $5-million R&D program that brought a new product to market that generated $10 million in revenue its first year” will garner more points than “The nominee oversaw a new product development and launch program.”

Responses should focus on the nominee’s individual role and accomplishments, when possible – saying how the individual was directly responsible for securing new customers, developing new products, creating spinoff startup companies through the transfer of university research or developing breakthrough technology will earn a higher score than referencing her organization’s overall growth.

Consider these questions:

  • How much of the organization’s growth or reaching key milestones can be attributed to the nominee?
  • What did the nominee do to achieve this?
  • What business development activities has the nominee initiated?
  • What has the nominee done to attract and/or retain clients?
  • When the nominee was hired, what objectives were established? How did the nominee meet or exceed this target?
  • What processes or programs has the nominee put in place that benefits the organization and the industry as a whole?
  • What key technology (that has been commercialized) has the nominee developed?
  • What challenges or obstacles has the nominee overcome in her current position?
  • How has the nominee increased or improved the service offerings of the organization?

Nominee’s Level of Expertise (up to 300 words) worth 10 points

Please describe the nominee’s level of expertise in their field. Point form answers are acceptable.

Consider the following:

  • Education credentials: Please list the name of educational institutions the nominee has attended, along with the degree / diploma, any distinctions, and year of graduation.
  • Use the nominee’s experience to show her level of expertise by explaining who she worked with, how her work was used or her specific achievements within professional industry organizations.
  • Please list any awards the nominee may have received, along with the year the award was given.
  • Include any third-party recognition of the nominee’s expertise, such as media interviews, peer-reviewed journal articles and papers published, patents filed, guest speaker roles, college or university instructor.

Industry Involvement by the Nominee (up to 300 words) worth 10 points

Please describe the nominee’s industry involvement, such as through volunteer positions on boards, mentoring, work with charities and not-for-profits where she has made a significant contribution. Point form answers are acceptable.

Please provide the following details about each position:

  • Name of organization
  • Description of organization’s focus (one sentence)
  • Length of service
  • Monthly time commitment
  • Specific role and accomplishments




















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