Centennial College, Toronto May 23-24, 2018

WHAT’S NEW for CPES2018?

Past attendees of CPES have spoken and we have listened. CPES2018 delivers more of what you need to build your business or advance your R&D:

  • More time to network, to develop the partnerships that are key to your success.
  • Fewer product-focused presentations and more industry panels that tackle the challenges facing your organization.
  • Greater focus on helping startups and early-stage companies with the addition of a Startup Launchpad to our existing Startup of the Year Award and mentoring program.
  • An emphasis on supporting diversity across the industry ecosystem with our Women in STEM program.


What hasn’t changed is how we help you make contacts that matter – this distinguishes CPES2018 from other industry events.

Nowhere else can you find such an impressive concentration of senior decision makers and innovative organizations from across the global supply chain in such an intimate and inviting setting ideal for networking and business development. We embrace diversity in all its dimensions, to build a truly robust industry sector that values ability above all else.

Rub elbows, share ideas and gain insights that will make a difference for your team and your organization:

Industrial companies active in printable, flexible and hybrid electronics can showcase their products, services and market leadership to potential partners and customers.

End users and brand owners eager to add intelligence to their products can engage with innovators and integrators that can help them capitalize on the Internet of Everything.

Academic and public sector researchers can align their work with market needs and find new opportunities for collaboration with their peers and with industry partners.

Building a Robust Ecosystem Through Diversity

We support diversity and recognize its value to drive an industry forward. The organizing committee for CPES2018 continues our tradition of having strong female leadership, which is reflected on intelliFLEX’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board. A Women in STEM program at CPES2018 will feature our first Women in STEM Award, as well as a special session where women in our industry will discuss how best to nurture greater female involvement across our industry ecosystem through intelliFLEX programs.

What’s on the Agenda

Over two days, we cover the broad spectrum of flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE) and the value chain required to bring innovative products and applications to market. We explore technologies, opportunities and industry challenges through tabletop exhibits and academic posters, our Innovation Awards, presentations, an investor panel and industry panel discussions.

This includes:

  • 2D large area and 3D printable electronics
  • Advances in inks, pastes, substrates, manufacturing methods
  • Advances in flexible electronics
  • Advances in wearable electronics
  • Advances in components such as sensors, batteries, lights, displays antennas and memory.
  • Hybrid electronics that connect printable and flexible electronics with integrated circuits or traditional electronics

With key end-use applications:

  • Intelligent Packaging and Smart Retail
  • Intelligent Buildings and Connected Homes
  • Smart Parts for Automotive, Aerospace and Defence
  • Smart Textiles, Wearables for Health
  • FHE for Next-Generation Communications
  • Manufacturing 4.0 and Supply Chain applications











Launch Pad

Women in


Submit an abstract for your opportunity to speak.
Deadline: December 21, 2017

Limited availability, one admission included with reservation.
Only 18 remaining

Present a technical, academic or research based poster.
Deadline: February 23, 2018

Professional grade - stay tuned for further details.
Coming: January 2018

New opportunities for Startups for mentorship and exhibiting ideas.
Limited spots available

Recognizing women in our industry and bringing them to the forefront.
Awards & opportunities available

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