Discover the future is flexible

Over 65 printed, flexible, wearable electronics organizations!

ÉTS Montréal, May 17 – 18, 2023

Program Agenda

CPES2023 explores the broad spectrum of flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE) including printables and wearables, and the value chain required to bring innovative products and applications to market. Our agenda delivers more of what you need to build your business or advance your R&D.

May 17

Morning Session

Basic Research

Fundamental research aimed at developing new materials, processes and equipment for Flexible, Printable & Wearable Electronics.

May 17

Afternoon Session


Research that targets the development of new applications/technologies to address emerging needs in Flexible, Printable and Wearable Electronics.

May 18

Morning Session


Innovative new products, materials, and processes that are being introduced to the Flexible, Printable and Wearable Electronics market.

May 18

Afternoon Session


Prospective and emerging areas of technological and consumer interest in imaged use-case for Flexible, Printable and Wearable Electronics.


Sharing insights and industry intelligence

Over 20 speaker sessions covering all facets of Flexible, Printable and Wearable technologies from a high-caliber group of industry movers, technology integrators end-user early adopters, global brand owners, as well as academic organizations and government R&D.


Sharing materials, products and prototypes

Industry exhibitors including technology manufacturers, developers, brand owners, as well as academic organizations and government R&D labs.