Voltera Inc., Information Mediary Corp. the 2017 Innovation Award Winners at CPES2017

OTTAWA—May 26, 2017—The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (www.cpeia-acei.ca) has named the winners of the Commercialization Award and the New Product Award at CPES2017, Canada’s premier conference and trade show exhibition for printable, flexible and wearable electronics.

CPES2017 runs from May 24-26 at Centennial College’s new Conference Centre in Toronto. Please visit www.CPES2017.ca to learn more.

“The Innovation Awards showcase the capacity of Canadian industry and the world-class innovation that is coming out of the Canadian ecosystem,” said Mark Majewski, President and CEO of the CPEIA and Chair of the CPES Organizing Committee. “Our winners may not yet be household names, but they have been toiling for years to develop compelling new products that meet unmet needs in the marketplace in what are fast becoming high-growth sectors. It is an important function of the CPEIA and CPES to support and promote Canada’s next generation of industrial companies.”

The winner of the CPES2017 Commercialization Award is Voltera Inc. of Waterloo, ON. (https://voltera.io). This company’s award-winning Voltera V-One is a desktop solution for printing circuit boards, dispensing solder paste and reflowing components, allowing users to go from concept to creation in minutes. Prototyping cycles for PCBs that can take weeks or even months of iterations with third-party partners can now be reduced to days or even hours.

“With more than 500 units shipped to 50 countries, Voltera is already beginning to revolutionize the circuit board prototyping business for sectors ranging from automotive to telecom and consumer electronics,” said Kallai. “There are only a few companies in this space in the world. Voltera is a clear industry leader that has emerged from Canada, where we already have a strong electronics design and development industry.”

The winner for CPES2017 Product Innovation Award is Information Mediary Corp. (www.informationmediary.com)  of  Ottawa, ON. IMC manufactures award-winning intelligent devices to address the global problem of poor patient adherence to prescription medication. The American National Pharmaceutical Council estimates the cost for non-adherence adds more than US$400 billion to the U.S. health care system alone. Canada, too, faces comparable challenges with patient adherence.

IMC’s Med-ic Syringe Pack uses near field communications (NFC), to connect a temperature monitored smart package with printed electronic traces. The Syringe Pack knows when medication is removed by the patient, and more importantly, when not. It records the real-time information when each syringe is removed from its package, logs the injection points, and lets the patient know if there was a breech in temperature, with a visual YES or NO display.

“IMC is addressing key pain points for the pharmaceutical industry by ensuring proper medication usage by patients, particularly for chronic and life-threatening illnesses like cancer and diabetes,” said Kallai. “Ensuring proper usage is crucial to the success of drug trials that cost tens of millions of dollars to conduct and determines if a new drug secures regulatory approval.”

To obtain photos and arrange interviews with either winner, please contact Leo Valiquette at the CPEIA at the coordinates below.

About CPES2017

With 30+ speakers and over 200 people from 120 organizations in attendance, CPES2017 is Canada’s premier meeting ground for technology developers, industrial companies and end-users to discuss how they can work together to commercialize new products and applications for printable, flexible and wearable electronics. Academic researchers can showcase their research and discover how they can link it to market needs and opportunities.

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