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CPES2018 Awards recognize Canadian excellence in flexible, hybrid electronics

May 26, Manufacturing Automation: The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance presented its annual CPES Innovation Awards and its first Women in FHE STEM Award on May 24 at CPES2018, a Canadian conference and trade show exhibition for printable, flexible and hybrid electronics. Read...

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Stat-sensing sports wearable developer declared Intelliflex’s 2018 Startup of the Year

May 25, IT World Canada: The developer and manufacturer behind a wearable device designed to collect physical stats for sports teams has won industry association intelliFLEX’s 2018 Startup of the Year award. XCo Tech, which is marketing its health monitoring system to the...

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Advances in flexible electronics could lead to better air travel experience, says Bombardier designer

May 25, IT World Canada: Journalist Alex Coop explores the role of flexible and hybrid electronics in the aerospace industry with Bombardier’s Robert Grant at CPES2018, with comments from Melissa Grupen-Shemansky from the FlexTech Alliance and Kerry Doherty of CMC...

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CPES2018 award winners include interactive retail display unit, NFC-enabled cartons

May 25, IT World Canada: Who took home the hardware at our annual conference this year? Eric Wood with CPES2018 Media Sponsor IT World Canada, recaps our annual Innovation Awards with intelliFLEX President and CEO Mark Majewski and winners TUKU, Array Marketing, Jones Packaging,...

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CPES2018 to highlight growth in flexible and hybrid electronics

May 9, Printed Electronics Now: Flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE) are making inroads globally, and Canada has built a strong ecosystem to further its growth. CPES 2018, which will be held May 23-24 at Centennial College’s Conference Centre in Toronto, will bring together...

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Why TE Connectivity’s Sam Alesio thinks printed electronics have a future in component manufacturing

April 18, In the run up to CPES2018, journalist Eric Wood, with media sponsor IT World Canada/, talks with Sam Alesio of Tyco Electronics' TE Connectivity division about how printed electronics are on track to play a lead role in the component...

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Printed electronics conference in Toronto

March 26, Health Tech Insider: CPES2018 is a showcase and networking opportunity where you can find out the latest from the active and innovative Canadian flexible electronics industry. The conference covers a range of topics that we write about here, including wearables,...

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CPES2018 expands lineup of keynotes and international speakers

March 23, Printed Electronics Now: CPES2018, Canada’s annual conference and tradeshow exhibition for printable and flexible electronics, is pulling together a strong Canadian and international slate of participants. Read the full...

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CPES2018 announces initial speakers and pre-conference workshops

March 22, Graphic Arts Magazine: CPES2018, Canada’s premier conference and tradeshow exhibition for flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE), is assembling a world-class roster of session chairs, keynotes, panelists and subject matter experts to explore what’s new and what’s...

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How Canada’s electronics industry can build fresh momentum

March 15, intelliFLEX CEO discusses how Canada’s traditional electronics design and manufacturing industry can up its game and better compete on the gobal stage with flexible and hybrid electronics in the runup to our annual conference, CPES2018, taking place...

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Support builds for CPES2018

Jan. 25, Printed Electronics Now: CPES2018, Canada’s premier conference and trade show exhibition for flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE), is mustering support to connect innovation with opportunity. See a recap of our recent headlines on the PE Now...

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Canada takes home the hardware from IDTechEx Show!/Printed Electronics USA

Nov. 25, Electronics Media: The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance congratulates its Canadian Members that claimed half the awards up for grabs last week at one of the global industry’s top conferences --  Memtronik Innovations, Myant & Co. and Voltera. Read the full...

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intelliFLEX expands West Coast membership to 11 with Movit and Menrva

Nov. 13, Printed Electronics Now: The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance continues to expand its membership in wearables, robotics and smart textiles with innovative startups and academic research teams. Read the full...

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intelliFLEX adds Awake Labs, Fit Assist Medical and XCo.

Oct. 27, Printed Electronics Now: The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance has added to its membership three companies that are pioneering new ways to address key health needs with wearable tech. Read the full...

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CPES2018 set for May 23-24, 2018 in Toronto

Oct. 26, Printed Electronics Now: The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance will host CPES2018, Canada’s leading conference and trade show exhibition for flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE), will be held from May 23-24 at Centennial College’s Conference Centre in...

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