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OTTAWA—November 29, 2017—The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance (www.intelliflex.org) continues to grow its base of industrial companies and world-class commercialization organizations in Quebec with the addition of CTT Group and C2MI.

intelliFLEX has a strong roster of Members across the spectrum for printable, flexible and hybrid (FHE) electronics in Quebec that includes 1-Material Organic Nano Electronic, Anderson Vreeland Canada, Brilliant Matters, Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Etiquettes Multi-Flex Labels, GGI Solutions, Group NanoXplore, ICI, INO, McGill University, MIIP, Memtronik Innovations, PCAS Canada, Service Optiprint, UQAM and Wibicom Inc.

We have expanded the breadth of this regional group with these new Members:

CTT Group/Groupe CTT (www.gcttg.com) is an R&D centre, an advanced testing laboratory, a technology transfer centre and a business association, in the areas of technical textiles, geosynthetics and advanced textile-based materials. CTT Group ranks first among Canada’s Top 50 research colleges, managing multiple collaborative private/public fund projects (such as NSERC projects) to the direct benefit of industry. Services include feasibility studies, prototyping, lab testing and evaluation, pre-market production runs, technology transfer and training. CTT Group’s ultra-modern facility, a team of dedicated and highly qualified personnel and a corporate vision that puts the end-user first, makes CTT Group a valuable partner for industrial companies seeking to develop new products.

C2MI (www.c2mi.ca), the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre, is a research centre focused on tomorrow’s technologies with state-of the art production equipment in the field of MEMS, advanced packaging, a reliability and characterization lab, and an ecosystem with close to 200 companies in different fields of expertise. C2MI offers the opportunity to all industries using microelectronic components to benefit from a unique world-class infrastructure. C2MI helps industrial companies accelerate their path to commercialization by building prototypes on production equipment to prove the manufacturability and functionality of a product. The C2MI team believes its services and its ecosystem is very complementary to what intelliFLEX offers to its Members.

“Quebec has long been a hotbed of innovation for textile, commercial printing, aerospace and human-machine interface technologies,” said Mark Majewski, President and CEO of intelliFLEX. “All these strengths are converging for new FHE-enabled products and applications. We look forward to working with all our Quebec Members to forge new economic opportunities for the province and for Canada as a whole.”

If you are interested in connecting with CTT Group, C2MI or any of our other Members, please contact Peter at pkallai@intelliflex.org or 613-505-4775, ext. 101 and he can facilitate an introduction.

About intelliFLEX

To become a Member of intelliFLEX, please contact Mark Majewski, President and CEO, at pkallai@intelliflex.org or +1 613-505-4775, ext. 101.

intelliFLEX also has opportunities for corporate and media sponsorships of our programs and events.

Media inquiries can be directed to Leo Valiquette, Director of Programs, at lvaliquette@intelliflex.org or +1 613-505-4775 ext. 102.



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