Real work now begins with Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster partners

OTTAWA—February 15 2018—Following the announcement naming the winners of the Government of Canada’s Innovation Superclusters Initiative, the intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance ( will continue to work to drive the development and adoption of flexible and hybrid electronics in Canada’s advanced manufacturing sector.

Navdeep Bains, Federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, named the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster proposal as one of the winning bids this morning.

Since early summer, intelliFLEX has been working closely with the team of organizations behind this Supercluster. The aim is to create a critical mass of innovation activity with gravity powerful enough to attract talent, technology, investment and customers from around the world.

Flexible and hybrid electronics (FHE) have an important role to play as an enabling technology for all three pillars of the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster strategy:

  • co-invest in collaborative, industry-led projects in things like vision systems, AI, IoT, data security, robotics, advanced materials, and additive manufacturing
  • support the creation of new tools, testbeds, and infrastructure to help create the next generation of manufacturing firms
  • build out a robust ecosystem of supports and services that accelerate technology adoption in manufacturing i.e. technology readiness assessments, training and skills development, and go-to-market support

“We look forward to working with our partners in the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster to drive new economic activity and high-value job creation for Ontario and Canada,” said Mark Majewski, President and CEO of intelliFLEX. “Advanced manufacturing is critical to the success of the Canadian economy and can reap substantial benefits from the adoption and application of FHE technologies.”

intelliFLEX will also continue to be open to working with other supercluster proponents as the future unfolds, to drive the adoption of FHE technologies in other key sectors of Canada’s manufacturing industry, from well-established areas like automotive and aerospace, to new emerging applications such as AI, IoT and digital.

See the full list of winning supercluster proposals.

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