May 8, New Jersey and Ottawa – For the third time, Ottawa-based smart packaging and printed electronics developer and CPEIA member Information Mediary Corp (IMC) ( has been awarded the prestigious “Package of the Year Award” by the influential HCPC organization at this year’s annual RxAdherence event.

“We are pleased to be recognized as a world leading innovative smart packaging provider,” said Michael Petersen, Chief Operating Officer or IMC. “This shows that we can continue to innovate on existing concepts and provide the marketplace with relevant user friendly and commercially scalable Internet-connected smart packaging products.”

Med-ic is an electronic compliance monitor (ECM) that addresses non-compliance with prescribed medication by monitoring medication taking behaviour in real time, tracking each dose removed by the patient. The entry submitted was a syringe package that not only records the date and time a syringe was removed, but it allows the patient or caregiver to indicate the injection location on a body part, upper arm, abdomen, buttocks or thigh. Med-ic can also monitor storage temperature to ensure product integrity. Med-ic creates a smart medicine package which keeps a history of the exact time the patient removed each tablet, capsule or syringe and can fit child-resistant packaging.

One of the Award Judges said, “This is a very ambitious packaging system attempting to promote patient compliance as well as ensure product safety and security. The downloadable app and interactive package should be very helpful for patients. The embedded electronic tag will be very effective in registering package opening, and … could also play a role in tamper evidence. The status indicator light for demonstrating product temperature safety will also be very helpful to patients … There is a lot of potential for on-package labeling instructions, product branding, and other compliance-prompting features.”

IMC won this award for the first time in 2006 and was awarded Runner up in 2013 by HCPC.

About the HCPC

The Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council is a not-for-profit trade association whose mission is to promote the greater use of compliance prompting packaging to improve patient adherence and patient outcomes. For more information on HCPC, please visit our website,

About Information Mediary Corporation (IMC) 

IMC manufactures a range of intelligent devices that includes the award-winning Med-ic® and eCap™ electronic compliance monitors (ECM©s). ECMs address the problem of poor patient compliance with prescribed medication by monitoring medication taking behavior in real time.

To complement its compliance-monitoring devices, IMC develops data systems, displays, and statistical analytical techniques to facilitate a wide variety of related applications. IMC also carries out R&D for custom applications involving the integration of electronics, sensors, printed sensor grids, NFC, RFID, Bluetooth and other technologies.

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