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NovaCentrix is a leading product innovator in printable electronics (PE) manufacturing. It develops, patents, and commercializes new technologies in PE, nanoparticle manufacturing, pulsed power equipment and related fields. NovaCentrix is known for its PulseForge line of tools (used to dry, sinter or anneal thin-film materials on substrates) and its Metalon conductive inks.

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GGI Solutions has been operating in the field of human machine interface technologies for more than 30 years while continually diversifying its product and service offerings. The company is a trusted value-added partner in leading-edge technological solutions for its global aerospace, medical, industrial, transport and defense clients. GGI is also a leader in the emerging printed electronics industry, leveraging its partnership with the CNRC, CRC and global market leaders, to develop breakthrough applications of its scientific innovations.


Among the Top 5 EMS corporations in Canada, Varitron works in most of today’s cutting-edge sectors including networking, defense, optics, aeronautics, transportation, security, telecommunications, automation and medical. Varitron is a key player in the development of local, national and international electronics initiatives.

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C2MI/MiQro Innovation Collaboration Centre is an international beacon in advanced packaging and microsystems. As a Centre of Excellence, its goal is to allow its members to foster the growth of the microelectronics industry through the accelerated commercialization of market-driven prototypes.

CMC Microsystems is a not-for-profit organization providing researchers and industry across Canada’s National Design Network with access to the world’s best tools and technologies for micro-nanotechnology innovation, and for training industry-ready graduates.  Our guiding values are research excellence, along with being an honest broker and benefit to Canada.

Keystep Growth & Finance helps emerging and established high tech product and service companies achieve sustainable success. In these companies there is often an abundance of technical managers who are close to the technology, but lack the world-class business, sales and marketing expertise that is crucial to success.

XENON is the global leader in pulsed light technology, with more than 50 years of experience and 3,000-plus systems deployed on industrial production lines worldwide. Hundreds of end-users and OEMs count on our products for long service life, high reliability, and low down time.

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NSERC Green Electronics Network is a transdisciplinary academic and industrial team with a focus on developing a wide range of environmentally-benign printed sensor technologies for smart packaging.


Sheridan’s CAMDT is a dynamic hub connecting industry, curriculum, and applied research. The Centre links companies of all sizes to Sheridan’s advanced manufacturing expertise and equipment, and allows them to explore these tools with the help of Sheridan faculty and students. CAMDT supports the transformation and growth of our industry partners by providing innovation support, fostering collaboration, and accelerating the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies.  Our facilities include tools for advanced automation, robotics, mechatronics, and cyber-physical system integration.  We support industry-driven research, training, and commercialization by making this infrastructure available to our students and industry partners through applied research.

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Electronic Products and Technology (EP&T) is the definitive leader serving the electronics OEM and MRO markets in Canada. EP&T has the largest total engineering, design and purchasing job titles of any magazine brand serving the electronics engineering and design community in Canada. EP&T produces eight print editions of its magazine per year, plus a series of e-media based products, along with its web site www.ept.ca. EP&T also owns and produces the EPTECH table-top trade shows hosted in every major city across Canada.

Printed Electronics World is a free portal that provides daily updates of the latest developments in printed electronics in all its forms, from transistors to power, sensors, displays, materials and manufacturing. Articles provide commentary, analysis and give a balanced view of the subject. Printed Electronics World is hosted and written by IDTechEx, the leading analyst and event organizer on printed electronics technologies and markets.

Printed Electronics Now is a website, weekly e-newsletter and printed magazine devoted to the fast-growing field of printed electronics. Launched in 2008, Printed Electronics Now reports on industry events, real time news, market features, company profiles and much more. Visit the website to subscribe for free.

Health Tech Insider is a website and weekly email newsletter that publishes information about mobile and wearable products and services for health and medical applications, as well as about enabling technologies such as printed electronics, energy harvesting, and wireless communications. You won’t find any reviews of expensive digital pedometers that are only 20% accurate.

Association Partners

AFELIM is an industry association that represents France’s schools and universities, laboratories, communities and industrial groups that are active in printed and organic electronics. AFELIM’s mission is to create a network of members from across France’s printed and organic electronics supply chain, open dialogue on the issues facing the sector, enhance the value chain, create a strong link between R&D and production, disseminate market information, open access to major research programs, and represent the sector and its members at industry events and to European and global bodies.

CARIC/CRIAQ is a non-profit organization created in 2014 to generate and foster dialogue and collaboration between players in the aerospace industry, along with providing financial support to launch R&D projects in partnership with these players. It acts as a catalyst of innovation – its members strive to push boundaries and shape the future of aerospace research, development and technology adaptation.

Communitech helps tech companies start, grow and succeed. That’s our mission, our mantra, our reason for being. Everything we do ties back to collaboration and helping—values that run deep in our organization. Communitech helps tech companies in three distinct ways: by providing a clubhouse and centre of gravity for entrepreneurs and innovators; by providing access to capital, customers and talent; and by partnering to build a world-leading ecosystem.

Defence Ontario is your connection to the Ontario defence sector. Our mission is to promote the growth of small and medium sized enterprises in the Ontario defence sector. As a trusted partner, we leverage our experience, reputation and knowledge-leadership position to connect and network your organization with the influencers and decision makers in the defence sector and the Canadian government.

ISEQ’s mission is to mobilize, animate and connect Quebec’s players in the electronics systems industry to contribute to the economic development of Quebec and recognize Quebec as a world-class center of excellence for electronic systems. ISEQ’s members come from all parts of the innovation chain of the electronics systems industry in Quebec, from design to logistical and professional support, to manufacturing and distribution.

Institut des communications graphiques et de l’imprimabilité (ICI) offers independent and impartial consulting services adapted to your printability and formulation needs, no matter your business segment. With a team consisting of field specialists, scientists and technicians, ICI offers you an array of services intended to answer to all your printability and formulation needs, no matter your industry sector. The Institute is an integrated centre for innovation and expertise in graphic communications and printability that actively supports companies and their employees in their technological and commercial development.

IDTechEx provides market research, business intelligence and events on emerging technologies such as printed electronics. Our clients use our insights to help make strategic business decisions and grow their organizations. IDTechEx is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with additional offices in the USA, Germany and Japan. IDTechEx has deep technical and market understanding, and is well-connected through our extensive global database.

National Research Council (NRC) is a Government of Canada agency focused on addressing specific business-identified priorities and challenges through technical and advisory services, research facilities, licensing opportunities and programs and partnership opportunities.

PAC, Packaging Consortium is a not for profit corporation that includes over 2,200 members throughout the packaging value chain. Our mission is to drive for progressive change in the packaging value chain through leadership, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Our networking process includes PAC webinars, seminars, plant tours, conferences, competitions, education programs, trade shows & social activities.

Prima Quebec

PRIMA Québec coordinates and supports the advanced materials ecosystem, driving innovation and growth throughout Quebec. It is the preferred interface between the industrial and academic sectors.


The QuebecInnove network helps companies and organizations from the ideation phase to the social/technological innovation, by gathering all the expertise in research and development from Quebec.

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