CPES adds awards program to recognize achievements in research, commercialization

OTTAWA—December 9, 2015—The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (www.cpeia-acei.ca), the catalyst for Canada’s printable, flexible and wearable electronics ecosystem, has opened the call for submissions for the inaugural Innovation Awards, which will be announced at its annual symposium, CPES2016.

CPES is Canada’s premier industry event for printable, flexible and wearable electronics. CPES2016 takes place April 19-20, at Sheridan College’s new conference centre in Toronto. Learn more at http://cpes2016.ca/.

For its first year, the CPES Innovation Awards will feature two award categories, to recognize achievements in research innovation and industrial commercialization.

“Canadian organizations are pioneering great innovations using printable, flexible and wearable electronics that will drive the Internet of Things and remake how we live, work and play,” said Peter Kallai, President and CEO of the CPEIA and Chair of the CPES Organizing Committee.

“This will impact a wide range of sectors such as health care, consumer products, intelligent buildings, connected homes, smart packaging, smart auto-parts and aerospace, just to name a few. This is a great opportunity to show your leadership in this emerging global industry, be recognized among your peers, and create visibility around your organization and team.”

According to market research firm IDTechEx, the total market for printable, flexible and wearable electronics will grow from US$26.54 billion in 2016 to $69.03 billion in 2026. Significant drivers of that growth are wearables, OLED displays and conductive inks used for a wide range of applications. But stretchable electronics, logic and memory, and thin film sensors also have huge growth potential as they emerge from R&D.


In keeping with the themes and focus of CPES, award applicants should highlight collaboration across the industry ecosystem between various industry and R&D players, to address real needs and opportunities in various market verticals.

Research Innovation

This award is for a research project completed in the past year into underlying technical principles, the proof of concept that can enable the development of new and innovative products and applications for printable, flexible or wearable electronics. Such proof of concept has been validated and tested and is ready for commercialization.

Eligible are Canadian universities, not-for-profit R&D organizations and colleges. Emphasis will be placed on projects that were carried out in collaboration with industry partners.

Most Innovative New Product/Commercialization

This applies to a device, product, material or application that involves or enables printable, flexible or wearable electronics. The award is open to any for-profit organization of any size.

The product must have become commercially available within the past 12 months. Nominations must describe what benefits the product delivers to the customer/end user, the broader market need it is intended to address, the size of its expected addressable market, and evidence of market uptake and impact.

Details and submissions

The submission deadline is January 22, 2016.

For more information on each award and the entry criteria, and to submit a nomination, please visit http://cpes2016.ca/innovation-awards/

A panel of three judges drawn from academia, industry and other public sector R&D organizations will decide the winners. The winners will be announced during an awards ceremony on the afternoon of April 20 at CPES2016. Winners will be profiled and showcased in Canada and promoted to the global industry.

Organizations interested in advances in printable electronics, inks, manufacturing methods, devices; advances in flexible electronics; advances in stretchable electronics; advances in wearables; 3D printable electronics; and applications in intelligent packaging, intelligent buildings and homes, health care, automotive and aerospace should attend CPES.

Calls for papers, posters and tabletop exhibits are now open. Organizers expect about 250 attendees, representing over 100 organizations from across Canada and internationally.

If you have additional questions, please contact Peter Kallai at pkallai@cpeia-acei.ca.


Established in 2014, the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA) brings together key Canadian and international players in industry, academia and government to build a strong Canadian printable, flexible and wearable electronics sector and ecosystem. The Association is the united voice for the sector and implements critical development strategies to facilitate growth through networking, stimulate R&D and investment, build a strong supply chain and drive the broad adoption of PE by end customers in a range of Canadian industries, including Intelligent Packaging, Intelligent Buildings, Aerospace and Defence, Automotive and Industrial Applications, Health and Wellness, Intelligent Documents, and Consumer Electronics and Wearables.

To become a Member of the CPEIA, please contact Peter Kallai, President and CEO, at pkallai@cpeia-acei.ca or +1 613-795-8181.

The CPEIA also has opportunities for corporate and media sponsorships of our programs and events such as CPES2016.

Media inquiries can be directed to Leo Valiquette, Director of Programs, at lvaliquette@cpeia-acei.ca or +1 613-769-9479.

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