Membership drive attracts 32 Founding Members in two months

OTTAWA—January 14 2015—The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (, the united voice of Canada’s Printable Electronics sector, has achieved its first major milestones: obtaining 32 Founding Members, brokering strategic relationships with key partner organizations, and securing major sponsors for Canada’s signature industry event.

The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA) made its official debut in November at IDTechEx’s Printed Electronics USA conference, one of the leading industry events for the global printable electronics (PE) industry.

Founding membership was extended to all Canadian and international organizations that joined by Jan. 1, 2015.

These Founding Members include:

  • PE-focused small to medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • R&D organizations
  • Universities involved in PE development
  • Large multinational companies with PE product lines and R&D
  • Companies in vertical markets (such as intelligent packaging; secure printing; medical, health and wellness; consumer electronics) that can use or integrate PE into their current products or solutions, or create new product categories based on PE
  • Service providers to the PE industry.

These organizations represent a strong cross section of the PE industry, from materials, devices and prototyping, to manufacturing and printing.

In addition to signing up Members from across Canada and abroad, the CPEIA is partnering with fellow industry associations that reach end-users in its target verticals. These include Aerospace and Defence; Medical, Health and Wellness; Secure Printing; Marketing, Advertising and Commerce; Packaging; and Consumer Electronics, Wearables and Intelligent Homes and Buildings. We will be announcing these partnerships in coming months.

Any Canadian or international organization from these sectors, be it an SME focused on developing new technologies, or a major end user of such technologies, is welcome to join the CPEIA. The Association will provide opportunities for vertically focused companies to work alongside PE-focused technology developers.

“The success of CPEIA and its Members is largely dependent on attracting companies that want to create new solutions enabled by PE, such as flexible solar cells, advanced flexible displays, wearable health monitoring devices, new interactive marketing and advertising surfaces, or intelligent labels for advanced retail environments, just to name a few,” said Mark Majewski, Executive Director for CPEIA. “We will work with end users and market-leading companies that have the vision to partner with PE technology developers and create new categories of products and solutions.”

A full list of the CPEIA’s Founding Members can be found at

Making a splash with CPES2015

In addition, the CPEIA is spearheading the 2015 Canadian Printable Electronics Symposium, the nation’s premier industry event. Six major sponsors have already been secured. The CPEIA will shortly announce the event’s Gold Sponsors and keynote speakers.

CPES2015 is an excellent way to learn about the convergence of research and development, industry expertise, commercial effort and government support that gives Canada a tremendous opportunity in this explosive global market.

Register now to enjoy an early bird discount. Deadlines for paper and presentation submissions is January 31.

“We have accomplished much in a short period of time, but a great deal of work still lies before us through 2015,” continued Kallai. “In addition to making CPES2015 a truly world-class event, we will continue to grow our Membership, establish linkages with the academic community, and build our relationships with industry associations and end-users that represent our target market verticals.”

Become a Member of the CPEIA

Any individual or organization with a vested interest in PE willing to participate in the growth of Canada’s PE sector is a welcome addition to the CPEIA’s Membership. This includes end customers and end users of PE applications, startups and SMEs, university and government research labs, systems integrators and OEMs, and venture capitalists and angel groups. Membership is open to Canadian and international organizations.


Established in 2014, the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA) brings together key Canadian and international players in industry, academia and government to build a strong Canadian PE sector. The Association is the united voice for the sector and implements critical development strategies to facilitate growth through networking, stimulate R&D and investment, build a strong PE supply chain and drive the broad adoption of PE by end customers.

For further information or to become a Member, please contact Mark Majewski, President and CEO, at or +1 613-795-8181.

Media inquiries can be directed to Leo Valiquette, Director of Marketing and Communications, at or +1 613-769-9479.

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