intelliFLEX Board of Advisors

Alroy Almeida

Alroy Almeida

CEO, Voltera

Alroy is the CEO and co-founder of Voltera, a Canadian business working to bring rapid electronics fab to businesses and institutions around the world. Voltera focuses on early stages in the product development cycle as well as novel electronics applications, to build hardware faster.

Voltera’s award-winning V-One is a desktop solution for printing circuit boards, dispensing solder paste and reflowing components, allowing users to go from concept to creation in minutes. Prototyping cycles for PCBs that can take weeks or even months of iterations with third-party partners can now be reduced to days or even hours.

Alroy graduated from the University of Waterloo’s Mechatronics and Nanotechnology programs and has a background in biomedical devices and industrial electronics.

Martin Bolduc

Martin Bolduc

Director of Advanced Technology, Varitron

Highly skilled, 17 years of R&D experience from US and Canadian industries and academia. Ph.D. Physics/Materials Science in nanotechnology. Postdoctoral experiences in optics/photonics at MIT and AlbanyNanotech. Awarded fellowships, scholarships and grants. Author/reviewer in well-known technical journals. Involved as a representative on scientific committees. Experienced at leading research projects from requirements to completion. Proposed innovative ideas for solution-based technological challenges. Developer of high-end technologies for sensors microfabrication and system integration. Possess strong written and communication skills and ability to partnership & network. Pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Printed Electronics from CalPoly.

Michelle Chrétien, BSc, PhD

Michelle Chrétien, BSc, PhD

Director, Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT)
Faculty of Applied Science and Technology
Sheridan College

Michelle Chrétien joined the Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) in 2007 is currently Program Manager for Strategic Research as well as the Product Manager for Electronic Materials. Michelle leads a multi-disciplinary team of chemists, materials scientists, and physicists working on both fundamental and applied problems in materials science. Her group tackles challenges such as developing new materials and processes for 3D printing and printed/flexible electronics. Michelle received her BSc in Chemistry from Dalhousie University and PhD from the University of Ottawa for work in photochemistry and photophysics. Prior to joining XRCC, Michelle was an NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for Biological Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Montréal.

Andre Dion

Andre Dion

General Manager, Printability & Graphic Communications Institute (ICI)

Prior to ICI, Dion worked for 20 years in the printing industry for Moore, Transcontinental Printing and Quebecor World. Throughout his career, he has worked on new products development, digital printing and print-on demand strategies, business acquisitions and the start-up of the largest financial printer in Canada, Quebecor-Merrill Canada. Dion guides ICI in pursuit of its mandate to meet the needs of the commercial printing and packing industry as it undergoes great change in response to new emerging technologies such as printable electronics. Andre will be our ambassador in the Quebec region and an important interface to the packaging and printing industry.


Haridoss Sarma

Haridoss Sarma

Research and Technology Scout, Go 2 Scout 4 R&T

If you are searching for a needle in your R&D haystack, do not go too far! I can swiftly stitch together the right technology components, research partners and funding for you; enabling business impact and technology commercialization. My skills have deep roots in a solid education as a Physicist and training in material sciences, branching out to energy cable products development and commercialization, intellectual property evaluation and licensing, knowledge transfer for strategic collaboration and product standards development. Evaluating technology readiness levels, influencing the commercial attributes of a technology system and supporting sales growth come to me easily.

Ilaria Varoli

Executive Vice President, Myant Capital Partners

Ilaria is a business expert with over 15 years in executive roles. Her expertise in retail, real estate and business management has led to her being featured in national media outlets including The Globe and Mail and The National Post.

Following her position as president of Toronto’s rk stores, she became an independent consultant and joined retail veteran Tony Chahine to open the boutique consulting firm, Myant Capital Partners.

As Executive Vice President of Myant Capital Partners, Ilaria provides valuable expertise in the restructuring and regrowth of their clients. Currently, Ilaria is Executive Vice President for JMichaels, Eleventh Floor Apparel and Myant’s newest division of wearable technology, Myant & Co.

Past Advisors

Thomas Ducellier

Thomas Ducellier

Executive Director, PE Flagship Program, National Research Council of Canada

Ducellier is the Executive Director of the NRC’s flagship program on Printable Electronics. The $70-million, five-year initiative aims to grow a successful PE industry in Canada by developing and transferring to industrial partners relevant market-leading technology building blocks in new inks, new printing processes and new printed device designs. Prior to joining NRC, Ducellier founded and led three technology startups in optical telecommunications, scientific instrumentation for mining and solar energy generation. He holds Masters degrees in physics and electrical engineering.

Professor Mario Leclerc

Professor Mario Leclerc

Professor of Chemistry,  Université Laval

Prof. Leclerc has a Ph.D. in chemistry and has completed post-doctoral work at the INRS-Energie et Matériaux near Montréal and the Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research, in Mainz, Germany. He has held the Canada Research Chair for Electroactive and Photoactive Polymers since 2001 at Laval, one of Canada’s top 10 universities, with programs in sciences, engineering and medicine. 

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